Bar at the Barre

I am not a fitness blogger. Bar at the BarreI know, I know, I was just surprised as you are to find this out, but when Exhale at Avalon says “Hey we’re having a barre class with the amazing Bergen Wheeler, wanna come?” I pack my bags, throw on some LuLuLemon and head off to the Avalon to get in a good workout. 

If you are lucky enough to reside in New York City, I highly recommend finding out which classes Bergen teaches at and taking one of her classes. Exhale is possibly one of the best barre facilities I’ve been to, and I can say without a doubt that if you want to look like a model, go take all your classes from Bergen, she’ll make it happen even if it does mean your legs can’t move the next day. Bar at the BarreI clearly had no idea what the entire event entailed. I didn’t bring my camera (these are all iPhone pictures- sorry!) and I had no idea I was going to meet a RHOA named Cynthia. So naturally I had to take a picture with her- because I’m a Cynthia too and you don’t meet too many of those in the world. Then afterwards we were handed cocktails by Solbeso and I realized that chocolate doesn’t have to be just limited to one kind of bar. Bar at the BarreBar at the BarreI’ll have to admit that when I heard that the cocktails were made from fermented cocoa beans I was a little reluctant as to why they were pairing this with citrus but it was crazy refreshing! Imagine the flavor and smell of high quality tequila, now mix that with orange juices and fresh herbs and as you take a sip, at the back of your tongue you taste chocolate. That’s how this tastes; it was weirdly delicious and can’t wait to have another of these cocktails again! Bar at the BarreBar at the Barre

LuLuLemon Compression pants || Sports Bra || Workout Tank 

The surprises didn’t stop there! Our host took us to DryBar afterwards for a blowout. I can’t tell you how much I adore Drybar. The way I’ll know I’ve made it in life (on a monetary scale) is if I’m A) driving a Range Rover and B) if I can get a blowout every week. They just make your hair feel magical, and makes me wonder why I can’t get my hair to do that at home? 
Bar at the BarreBar at the BarreAfter a quick browse through their adorable catalog, I went with my typical Cosmo-Tai. I like a little more of a large loose curl so I find that this style suits me best. perfect curlsBar at the Barre
I am so happy to have stopped by Exhale for a quick little workout and a fun blowout by DryBar! It was truly a day filled with all sorts of bars and barres. Thanks to the team at Exhale Avalon for treating us! 

What’s your favorite style at DryBar? Big tight curls or loose waves? 

xoxo- Cynthia 

iPhone Lately

You’ve seen most of these outfits and pictures via instagram (if you follow- if not it just takes one click here!) but sometimes I take pretty pictures that don’t always make their way to instagram because A) I forget B) I wanted to eat more than I wanted to hashtag or C) it was for pure enjoyment factor only. 
preppy summer style <3

Dress (half off currently!)|| Sandals || Sunglasses (half off here) || Handbag || Necklace 

I wore this outfit to celebrate Luisa’s Birthday the other weekend! Her birthday was actually June 6th but we were both so busy we couldn’t get together for drinks until the end of the month. We ended up going to The Southern Gentleman and as we were taking these photos in that new Buckhead development a security guard came up to us informing us that professional photography was not allowed.. To which we laughed because we are so not professionals. 

preppy summer style <3

Shirt|| Shorts || Jack Rogers || Crossbody || Necklace || Initial Necklace || Watch || Kendra Cuff

I absolutely adore farmers markets, so when we had the chance to wake up early and head out to the Alpharetta Farmers market (seriously one of the best I’ve been to in Georgia), I threw on something comfortable and picked up iced Coffee before exploring downtown Alpharetta. 

preppy summer style <3Shirt || Shorts || Wedges (old) similar || Necklace 

Stripes on my legs c/o (courtesy of) the light coming in through the huge windows at Kendra Scott where I co-hosted an event the other weekend benefiting the Drake house! Did you know in your birthday month you get HALF OFF one Kendra Scott piece? My birthday is August 9th, so I’m definitely saving my pennies to buy this pretty when the time comes! 


preppy summer style <3

My favorite coffee place opened up a SECOND location in Milton, so when I had the day off on Monday I just had to stop by. It has floor to ceiling windows and the iced coffee is as good as ever. Also, those Fudgey McKrackle Cookies are a MUST TRY if you ever stop in. Which you should. Find them here

buns going up on a tuesday

I feel like I’m opening Pandora’s box with this one but I have snapchat… and if y’all want you can follow me and my snap name is @cynthers37. No I will not change my name and yes that is a nickname my Grandma gave me and you most likely will be seeing a lot of food, dog pics and any sort of unfiltered picture that my fancy feels like sharing. Enjoy the behind the scenes of making blog posts, the rare selfies that never make it to instagram, mirror outfit pictures in bathrooms and all the dog snaps! preppy summer style <3

The Cosmetic Market invited me to an event last Thursday where they were doing blowouts, makeovers and had a brow bar. I didn’t have too much time to get all three done but I definitely got a fun little makeover at the store. I love the products they carry, and the girl who did my makeup did an awesome job. You can see that in this post here. preppy summer style <3

Shorts || Blouse || Necklace || Kendra Scott Elton || Watch || Shoes (old) similar || Bangle (via RocksBox use code “cynthiaterixoxo” for your first month free) || Crossbody bag

This might be my favorite insta-outfit I’ve ever’ed. Monday after we got home from Charleston I was wiped out, but still had like 5 million errands to run because adult life is chaotic so I threw on this effortless outfit and grabbed some coffee at Mugs on Milton and headed on my merry way to get a frozen facial from IceBox Cryo Therapy. 

ice box cryotherapySo I scheduled a Cryo Facial from Ice Box and it might have been the coolest thing I’ve ever done (pun not intended). So you go in, lay on a massage table, and then your technician starts spraying your face with liquid nitrogen. At first it’s really cold which tickled my face oddly enough, but then after a few passes over your face it gets used to it and then it’s unbelievably relaxing. Had it lasted longer than 10 minutes I definitely could have fallen asleep. It’s supposed to help you fight aging lines and firm up your skin- after 3-5 visits. After one use I haven’t seen much of an improvement in my skin, but I’d definitely go back because it was a great way to beat the heat this time of year. 

Thanks for following along on instagram! There will be 2 giveaways next week so stay tuned! 

xoxo- Cynthia