Tucker Treat Takeover

Hello humans. Today I have commandeered my mom’s blog to tell you about these treats

And how I got them.

And why I’m writing a blog post. Well moms writing, I’m telling her what to say, because hello! no thumbs.. 
Tucker Takeover Tucker Takeover

My friends at Chewy.com sent us a bag of treats to try out. At first I told my mom Lamb Lung sounded totally disgusting (I spit the first one out I tried–what can I say? I’m high maintenance) I actually think I like them now. They’re pretty tasty for dehydrated New Zealand Lamb Lung Pieces. Crikey they put the Aussie right in me! Almost like a mix between chicken liver and the Lamb flavored dog kibble my mom buys me. Plus Natural Balance is a grain free product so I don’t get an upset stomach from it. Two thumbs up for this product- err if I had thumbs– so I guess two paws up! Tucker Takeover Tucker Takeover Tucker Takeover Tucker TakeoverThe pieces are perfect for big dogs, because big dogs want big dog sized bites. But you’re going to need some help getting the package open. So ask one of your humans to squish that bag open so you can go snout first and nose deep digging for treats in that bag. Tucker TakeoverChewy is a pretty cool service (with a pretty great name). They offer fast shipping and have every type of treat you could be looking for. They even have dog food and stuff for cats— I hate cats, but I guess they need some place to shop too. My mom likes cats. She keeps saying she wants one, but luckily dad is allergic. I hope my mom signs up for another month, I’m putting a wish list together that includes these, these, these, these and every dog needs a new toy right? PS if you’re looking for a collar that looks like mine, Chewy has those too. Tucker TakeoverTucker TakeoverTucker Takeover

So toss your dog one of these treats. I’m still on the fence weather I like them. I think my mom hid one of my pills in one this morning. She almost had me, but I spit it out, now I’m not sure I can trust her with these treats again. If dad gives them to me I’ll be fine gobbling it right up. 

Wag ya later! 


Jord-in Secret

The other day while walking my dog I stumbled upon a secret garden, or as the French would say “jardin secret”. And let me tell you, this jardin is one Frenchman casually reading in a beret away from being right alongside the Louvre. That and it’s also about 4300 miles, er 7000 km, away. DSC_0075 DSC_0026

Top (TJ Maxx find) similar || Shorts (order one size down! very stretchy) | Jack Rogers (summertime essential) || Crossbody || Sunglasses || Necklace || Jord Watch (c/o) DSC_0011DSC_0017

But what is not-so-secret is how gorgeous it was illuminated in the setting sun. I made a plan to pack the pup and grab a camera and return another day. DSC_0047DSC_0048


DSC_0050So we spent the afternoon exploring the small garden and watching our dog chase squirrels on the vast property in front of the house which this garden resided behind. It was a no brainer to immerse myself in the two story high hydrangeas that created a wall from the front of the house to the back. As we walked around the gardens we wondered how such a garden was essentially deserted? DSC_0056DSC_0081

Perhaps because no one knew it existed right next to a busy interstate? Or that the wall of privacy hedges kept it from the public’s view. DSC_0083But one question remained: What kind of flower can grow on your face? DSC_0092

Tulips of course! 

There were garden roses bursting from every corner and I was so happy to capture their little buds on film. If you are a growing photographer I can’t recommend getting a 50mm f/1.4G lens quite enough! Learning how to use this lens has been amazing and it’s so easy to get the depth of field that creates a blurry background, even if you just want to shoot on automatic. There’s no zoom on a prime lens, so if you are into getting detail shots, I can’t recommend it enough! I only wish I had bought it sooner!DSC_0227My Jord watch fit right in with the scenery. This sustainable timepiece is truly timeless. My Uncle used to build things out of wood when I was younger; each Christmas we’d always get a beautiful hand tooled treasure box or some sort of wooden linking toy that he made for us. A truly special gift which is what this watch reminds me of. It’s beautifully hand carved and I see myself being able to wear this for years to come. DSC_0147DSC_0189 DSC_0205

As our trip through the secret garden was over as the sun started to sink behind the trees, we gathered our dog and headed back to the car. 

I can definitely see myself coming back here in the future with a picnic basket in tow and a good book to nod off with. 

xoxo- Cynthia