10 Essential Items You Need for the Beach

As a chronic over-packer, there isn’t much I forget when going on vacation. The list of “things-to-pack” grows exponentially, but when it boils down to it, these are the 10 essential items you need for the beach. 

10 Essentials You Need For Your Next Beach Vacation


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One. A beach blanket. It’s essential to have one that is spacious enough for more than one person and has a weave to it that won’t trap sand forever. I’m a huge fan of a Mexican Serape for the beach like this one. 

Two. A beach umbrella. I could go on for two paragraphs about how you “get what you pay for” but none proves that statement truer than with a beach umbrella. If you don’t plan on drilling a hole in the sand with an electric drill, a sturdy metal pole with a sharp end will be all that you need. That’s why I love (have tested and approved) this umbrella from Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

Three. A wicker beach bag. Wicker (rattan and atta) have blown up in the e-commerce world this year besides just for its trendy weaves. A wicker bag is a great natural alternative that holds up well to sand, salt and sun opposed to their canvas competitors. 

Four. A wide brim hat. Ears are one of the most common things people forget to put sunscreen on. To avoid the frustration of sunburned ears, I tend to gravitate towards wearing a wide-brim hat at the beach. Men and women alike can benefit from this style for beachside sun protection. 

Five. A sand proof, waterproof speaker. My all time favorite purchase has been my Bluetooth speaker. It has accompanied me on many a picnic, lake outing, and beach escape, without fail playing my favorite Spotify playlist whenever I so choose. The connection is seamlessly reliable and the sound is incredible. 

 Six. SPF 50 or above. I always forget how intense the sun is at the beach and without fail always leave with pinked skin. I apply SPF habitually and find that two applications of my favorite sunscreen yields the best bronze after a day on the beach. They also have a leave in hair lightener that I may just use as an excuse to pay a visit back to the beach with. 

Seven. A large beach towel. This goes without saying, but if you go to the beach, you’re gonna need a beach towel to dry off with. The larger the better as I like to fold them up and use them as a makeshift pillow, or employ them as a blanket when the sun starts to set. 

Eight. A good beach read. A book is always tucked into my bag for daily reading opportunities, but when it comes to the beach I typically stow an extra away when I finish my current one. I put together a list here of my favorite beach reads, and I’m currently on this book which is great if you like science fiction genres. 

Nine. Slide on sandals. No time for lacing up your sandals when heading to and from the beach which is why I opt for a quick (and cute) slide on sandal to keep my feet from getting hot on the sun-soaked wood of the stairs leading to the beach. 

Ten. Polarized sunglasses. Ever since I found out you can get moles on your eye from too much sun exposure, I’ve been amping up my sunglass regime whenever I go outside. I’m really a fan of these hyper-reflective sunglasses for the beach (you can get 25% off with “DarlingSummer” at checkout.) 

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