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Truth be told, I love shopping for gifts. I suppose that might be one of my love languages then; gift giving. It’s not about the price of the gift but the thoughtfulness that goes into it. I try my best to pay attention to what my friends and family say throughout the year, take little notes on things they say they want, or think is cool, and then spend weeks curating just the right present for them for Christmas. 

Unique and thoughtful gifts win over expensive ones every time. A framed matchbook from a restaurant we frequented would mean more to me than any pair of $1000 shoes could ever do. When the people from A Gentleman’s Trove reached out to me about their Whiskey Kit, I was immediately intrigued and thought it would be the perfect gift to give for those looking for something unique for the man in their lives! 
Gentleman's Trove

Gentleman’s Trove Gift Box (c/0) 

For any budding whiskey enthusiast, this has to be, hands down, the coolest gift I’ve ever come across. Not only is the outside boxes presentation snappy with the bowtie keeping it wrapped together, but inside it’s everything a Whiskey lover would need to become a connoisseur, or at the very least have a cool party trick to show off to his friends. Gentleman's Trove Inside of the box, you’ll find The Oak Bottle for barrel aging your own alcohol, 2 Riedel Nachtmann glass tumblers, circular whiskey ice molds, aged cocktail booklet, Oak Bottle wax sealant, and two leather coasters. 

Gentleman's Trove Gentleman's Trove

The greatest thing has to be the Oak Bottle for oak aging any alochol of your choosing. There are instructions on how to and how long to barrel age anything from Chardonnay to Whiskey. The only thing this kit is missing is the Whiskey. Which, if you’re looking for a great brand to add to the box, might I suggest St. George or Great Wagon Road’s Single Malt Whiskey.  Gentleman's Trove

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of this gift box. The guys who put this box together really did their research to provide the highest quality of items for this Whiskey Enthusiast’s box. The ice molds even fit perfectly inside of the tumblers. I haven’t yet used the Oak Bottle to barrel age anything of mine yet, but I honestly can’t decide if I want to keep this or give it as a gift. That’s how I know it’s a really good gift: if  I am contemplating having to buy one for myself. 

The guys at A Gentleman’s Trove have a couple of other fun packages for gifting and groomsmen that you should take a look at. I can guarantee this gift will be sure to wow your husband, boyfriend, dad, uncle, boss, etc. Today is the last day you can save 15% on your order with their code BLACKFRIDAY15.

Author: Cynthia

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