5 Things To Start Now in Your Mid 20’s For Great Skin

I feel like this year (25) in particular has been the year where I’ve seen my face age the most. My current self curses my past self for ever getting in the tanning bed and frying my skin at the beach with no SPF. 

Sorry mom. 

However, since I was 22 I have been slowly preparing myself for oncoming aging by adopting some new traditions to my beauty routine, some of which I have found to be great additions to every busy woman’s lifestyle! 
tips for youthful skin

5 Beauty Routines to Adopt in Your Mid 20’s

  1. SPF all day everyday. I’m not kidding on this one. Find a good moisturizer (like this one) that has SPF built into it and apply it even on days when it’s overcast out. The aging sun rays (UVA) still come through on cloudy days so you must always be protected! 
  2. Microfoliate once a week. Last month I shared why I love my dermaflash (after three weeks of using it my skin looks so much better!) and the importance of microfoliating. Microfoliating (IE exfoliating but on a smaller level) helps reduce skin cell buildup and tiny hairs that can make your face look older. I also love Microdermabrasions, and if you can afford it, experts recommend getting a treatment 1-2 times per year. 
  3. Use an Anti-Wrinkle Nightcream. One of my favorite anti-wrinkle treatments at home comes from Elizabeth Arden. I’ve been using her night cream off and on for 4 years. It was an extremely pricey purchase I made when I was in college, but after days of continual use, I definitely saw an improvement in my skins radiance and wrinkles start to slowly disappear after 6 weeks. If you can only splurge on one anti wrinkle regimen to adopt in your 20s, let it be this one from Elizabeth Arden. 
  4. Get More Natural Spray Tans. The key word here is “Natural“. A lot of spray tans are filled with chemicals that might not age you like the sun does, but still can contribute to developing skin issues down the road. Your best best is to look for an organic spray tan (or all natural at home application like this one) to try. I currently love Raw Spray Tan in Atlanta and Erin Brandenburg-Hecht of Coco Bella Tanning (email erinbriann@gmail.com) has done of the best spray tans I’ve had in my life and in the comfort of my own home too! 
  5. Drink more water. It really should be no secret at this point to mention that water is everything you need in life. If you aren’t drinking at least 64 ounces a day then you should make it a resolution to attempt! Drinking water improves the elasticity of the skin, keeps your skin hydrated during winter and helps repair skin cells. 

tips for youthful skin

Everyone wants more youthful looking skin and while their are “quick” fixes in life to getting perfect skin, such as botox, chemical peels and laser treatments, these should be used with caution just because they are skin fixes that require constant upkeep and could have dangerous side effects for some. 

What are some of your favorite skin products? 

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