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CASUAL!Farmers Market StyleDo you guys see what I’m wearing? I’m wearing JEANS (by ways of shorts) and a TEE SHIRT. I have officially made the leap to this whole casual chic thing I’ve been trying to master for some weeks now. I even let my hair stay curly just to show you how casual I was planning on being- that and Atlanta was showing off it’s humidity skills so no amount of hairspray would have tamed the beast that could have been Hermoine Hair. Farmers Market StyleFarmers Market Style

Shorts (order one size down also half off today) || Shirt (sold out) similar || Jacket (amazing for summertime) || Purse || Shoes || Necklace || Sunglasses || Watch || Belt
Farmers Market Style

Farmers Market Style casual weekend style casual weekend style

When I grew up I had this love hate relationship with clothes. I was always taller than your average pre-teen, so the normal stores we shopped at left me with high-water jeans and tee shirts that I had to get a couple sizes larger to fit my longer frame. When I got even taller in high school (I was 5’8″ as a Freshman), I discovered Hollister which actually had jeans long enough for me. Angels sang the day I tried on my first pair of jeans that actually touched the ground when I walked and didn’t leave my socks or ankles showing because that was SO not cool in the 2000’s. 

Once the pants department was covered, I realized there was this thing called a tailor where I could get my shirts taken in so I wasn’t swimming in material. Finally I started to look like a girl in clothes and I vowed I would never return to jeans and a tee shirt if I could avoid it. So I avoided it for about 6 years. I still have to joke with my finace about not being able to do the whole jeans and a tee shirt thing because I either think it’s too casual and it needs to be dressed up more. Now, thanks a lot in part to my growing case of IDGAF that comes with getting older, I’m more willing to throw a couple of things together, call it style and walk out the door. 

I am in love with how simple and chic this outfit turned out. The tee shirt is so nice and breathable, and the shorts are an absolute necessity now. I threw on a military jacket because ‘why not’ and grabbed the blue purse that I’ve been carrying since I bought it 2 weeks ago. I love that Jack Rogers are both casual and dressy and they helped put a nice metallic touch on this outfit. The thing about living in the South is you have to be prepared for all sorts of crazy weather year round. One minute it’ll be hot, the next, a storm blows through and the temperature drops 20 degrees or (Heaven forbid) brings the awful humidity that never goes away. Even in the summertime you need to prepare your wardrobe with layers, and this military jacket added just the right coverage for a slightly cool morning we had the other day. Bonus is that it’s the perfect shade of green to carry you through Autumn and our mild winters we have here. 

How do you prepare for rapidly changing weather in the Summer? 

xoxo- Cynthia 

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