Ah wintertime. 

Snow starts to creep in, hot chocolate is always at the ready, we opt for leggings instead of pants, and find ourselves buying an obscene amount of winter clothes even though (in the South), winter only lasts a couple of weeks. 

But as magical as winter is, it wreaks havoc on our skin by drying it out and creating buildup that requires a serious exfoliating treatment now and again to keep your skin looking fresh. Dermaflash Review

Dermaflash Review Dermaflash Review

Now that I’m 25 I decided I need to adopt serious beauty treatments into my regimen: night creams, day creams, sunscreen 24/7/365, but I’m also making it a point to exfoliate and microfoliate on a regular basis. I recently was introduced to Dermaflash and was intrigued by it’s promises of smooth skin and fine line reduction. Dermaflash exfoliates by using a tiny razor to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) on your skin making it smooth and soft. Perfect for makeup application and smoothing out fine lines. 
Dermaflash Review

Dermaflash Review Dermaflash Review

It’s a really unique approach to spa beauty treatments at home. They’ve completely simplified the process for you as well. You start with Prep 1 by washing and cleansing your face really well. I like the cleanser, it was gentle and smelled nice. Then after you’ve completely dried your face, it was onto the fun part: loading the razor and using the dermaflashDermaflash Review Dermaflash ReviewDermaflash Review

Loading the razor was really easy. You just slide the head over the blade and firmly pull up to unlatch the blade from the cartridge. Now, not being one to have ever shaved my face, I was apprehensive about putting a blade to my face, but after watching their tutorial video and reading the instructions, I felt confident that I wouldn’t mess up.

And if I did, well, eyebrows grow back thankfully. Dermaflash Review

While using the dermaflash, you’ll notice when it is making contact with skin versus when it’s not by the sound you hear. The vibrate normally sounds like a low hum, but when it’s on your skin and working it sounds like thick white noise coming through a radio station. 

I followed the directions and afterwards was surprised to see how smooth my face looked! I followed up with their Finish Cream (#3), but didn’t care for the feeling it left on my skin afterwards. Next time I think I’m just going to skip the cream they provide and opt for my own cream afterwards. They do warn you about possible redness to your skin after using the product. I noticed a slight flushing in my cheeks during use, but nothing that lingered afterwards. 

Dermaflash ReviewDermaflash Review Dermaflash Review

When you’re finished, to remove the blade, all you have to do is slide it back in the empty cartridge hole and pull the wand straight up to pop it off. When you do this, a small blue fleck will pop off notifying that that blade has been used already. It’s important to note that the blades are intended for single usage, you should never reuse a blade once it’s been used. 

I’m extremely happy with the dermaflash and can’t wait to use it again next week to continue seeing great results! 

Dermaflash is available now online (here) at Sephora and will be available nationwide in stores January 4th. It’s a little more expensive than everyone’s favorite face cleansing system, the clarisonic, but offers better results long term (in my opinion) than the clarisonic since it’s working to reduce buildup on your face which helps reduce fine lines. 

Have you tried any at home microfoliation treatments at home? Let me know in the comments!

xo Cynthia 

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  • I’m a big fan of Bliss Micro Magic… it’s a little pricey but I found it at Marshall’s and stocked up! I’ve really gotten into skincare the past few years and since I am a few weeks shy of 30 (ah!) I’m glad I started when I did.

    Christina :: Simple and Delish