Fall Bucket List

Something about Fall produces an electricity in the air that I become addicted to. I wonder if it has anything to do with how the school year begins each year during the Fall and we’ve grown accustomed to viewing Fall as a fresh start. The leaves on the trees may be losing their life, but inside of us, we are finding a new energy before winter shuts us down with her icy grip. This year in an effort to preserve my favorite season, I’m going to actually check off a bucket list dedicated to all of the Autumnal things. 

For those of you who may not know, I am currently studying for my GMAT exam and plan to take it on October 3rd- as in next week! My plan is to return to school next Fall so this may be my last “carefree” Fall I’ll have over the next two years while I pursue my full-time MBA. I’m not going to say which schools I’m considering applying to, but what I will tell you is that each of the three schools main colors are blue, crimson, and old gold, respectively. 

So in an effort to “slow down and smell the roses dead leaves”, I wanted to put together a Fall Bucket List to keep myself challenged creatively and engaged with things that are going on around me. One thing I’m particularly excited about on this list is making cinnamon rolls from scratch. This is one thing that has been on my list for ages but I’ve never made time to do it, so in two weekends when we head to Highlands, I’m going to make it for breakfast one morning. 

Is it just me or are smores the greatest concoction of candy ever? I’m thinking of using some local XOColATL chocolate as the chocolate base and IF I find myself with enough time, make my own marshmallows, but if not go with another local: Malvi mallow. 

I’m excited about keeping the travel local for the next two months except for when I head to Ohio for Thanksgiving. Pray for me, I may freeze to death, but if I don’t, it’s because I will be wearing my new Barbour Polarquilt the entire week. 

What’s on your fall bucket list? Anything on mine that you are thinking of doing as well? 

Author: Cynthia

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  • I think I want to copy your list to the T!! I live in the Atlanta area, too, and love that we have such awesome Fall things to enjoy that aren’t too far from home!!

    • Yes, Atlanta has so many great opportunities for exploring fall to the fullest! I would love to see what you have checked off if you tag me on instagram as you make your way through the bucketlist!