Kickin’ it at JCT Kitchen

florals and white scallops <3Isn’t it nice to get dressed up and head out to dinner with friends at a restaurant you’ve been wanting to eat at? 

This is the situation we found ourselves in last week with plans on a Friday night to go to JCT Kitchen and indulge in wine, good friends and truffle fries. 

Can I tell you a secret? 

florals and white scallops <3 florals and white scallops <3 I really only wanted to go to this restaurant because it’s been continuously names Top 10 best fries in Atlanta. 

I have a love affair with French Fries. There’s a restaurant in Atlanta that I’ve been dying to try that has something called TOT-chos.. Tater tot nachos for those wondering. 

Yup that’s happening sometime soon! 

Shirt || Skirt || Shoes (old) similar || Purse || Sunglasses || Watch || Necklace

I’ve never ordered anything from ASOS before partly because I’ve had preconceived notions that it was “cheap” stuff made to look like good quality and sold at a slightly lesser price than department stores or big name brands. Why did I think this way? Because I saw how affordable the prices were and couldn’t believe that it would actually be of any good quality. But boy was I wrong! I immediately fell in love with this floral top. I was browsing for a fun floral pattern to potentially pair with a striped skirt (because florals and strips, duh!) and stumbled upon this

Had to have it. Then I was like well let me look around a little more. Found this scalloped skirt which was considerably cheaper than it’s look-a-like at Lilly Pulitzer. So I said, hey free shipping and free returns? If I don’t like it, and if the skirt is too cheap, I’ll return it! 

Well I can tell you I’m a believer in ASOS now. The white skirt has a lining! You can barely find linings in white clothing now-a-days. It’s like retailers want you walking around looking like Madonna on the regular. Then I am super impressed with how the size chart actually worked out. Normally when British to American size charts are given as “guides” they still end up being a little too small for us Americans because most of us have curves. Overall this whole outfit came to $58 (not included tax and the expedited shipping I paid for). Which for me, an entire outfit for under $58 that actually fits and I know I will be wearing that white skirt until I wear a hole in it, is definitely worth it. I am wearing a size 6 in this skirt and I normally wear a 4 in Lilly Pulitzer in case you were wondering. arm party But today it was all about this floral top, scalloped skirt, our friends birthday and dinner reservations that were in precisely 5 minutes. JCT Kitchen and BarSo we headed on our way over the bridge and through the corridor to wait at the bar. 
JCT Kitchen and Bar JCT Kitchen and BarBut just as we were walking around the corner to find the bar, our friends called us and told us they were here! sharp dressed man

^ Sexy Farmer ensemble. Can you believe these were his first pair of dark jeans? He later paired this with a navy blazer. Stylin’. JCT Kitchen and BarTaking a cue from a past trip to Paris, I ‘touched’ the top of JCT Kitchen before walking inside for dinner. 
JCT Kitchen and BarSo this is where I make some sort of excuse tell you that we were having too good of a time for me to properly photograph all the food, which would definitely NOT be a lie. Between exchanging stories of work, relationships, wedding, we almost never paused to relax with our Gone with the Gin’s or properly savor the nutty flavor of the Truffle Fries. 

Which I can tell you, from eating at a number of Ford Fry restaurants, that guy really knows how to serve up some delicious french fries. If I could have those french fries with a shake shack burger, I don’t think I’d want for anything else the rest of my life. 

We also shared the Heirloom Tomato Salad (which you can see I recreated here) and the Angry Muscles. WOW! For being PEI mussels they are huge! And full of flavor! Even our shellfish-shy eating friend went in for thirds. 

For dinner I got the trout with what came on the Fish of the Moment dish. It was excellent. There is nothing better than a perfectly cooked piece of North Georgia trout covered in a a citrus salad on a bed of pureed peas. 

JCT Kitchen is what started the Ford Fry craze in Atlanta (followed of course with The Optimist being his most notable one). He combines farm fresh ingredients with a craft twist. His restaurants fall into what I call ‘Craft Americana Fare’ which is all about farm to table, locally sourced, seasonal menus and typically have some sort of rendition of Burger and French Fries on the menu. Which any restauarnt where I can order a burger and not be given the “you’re-at-a-nice-restaurant-face” is my favorite type of restaurants. 

photo 1 (2)We finished the night with a celebratory birthday cookie ice cream cup topped with a candle and we would be remiss to not grab a lemon head on our way out. JCT Kitchen and Bar

But to make up for the fact that I didn’t get as many photos of dinner as I had hoped, here is a picture proof that Jeni’s Ice Cream is back open in Westside Provisions! I can attest that the combination of Sweet Cream (basically tastes like cereal milk -you’re welcome) and Darkest Chocolate is an intoxicating mix of sweet and bitter that you should most certainly try next, IF goat cheese and cherry isn’t back in stock. Then always get goat cheese and cherry. photo 2 (2)xoxo- Cynthia 

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