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Darling Down South partnered with Mizuno Wave Rider 20 and Dick’s Sporting Goods to bring you this post, as always all opinions are my own. 

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Hey, I’ve put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right. 

This year has been really great to me! I’ve been saying for years that I’ve wanted to get back into running, and I finally stopped making excuses and just made it happen. I typically spend every lunch break running 1-3 miles and my weekend mornings revolve around doing the long track at the park near my house before I get my day started. There is nothing quite like the tingling euphoric high you get post run, and there is nothing better than running in the brisk morning air with nothing but the pavement pounding beneath your footsteps.  

However, if you’re going to run, I’ve found that it is essential to invest in quality footwear depending on the terrain you’re going to be running on. Since I find myself only running on concrete (and the occasional treadmill), I need something with a lot of shock absorption to protect my knees and joints. Because even though I may complain about being really tall sometimes (don’t get me started on my inseam, it’s been a lifelong jean struggle), I don’t want to be 60 years old with compressed cartilage in my knees shrinking me from 5’10” to 5’6″. To protect my future self (you’re welcome 60-year-old-me), I invested in some Mizuno Wave Rider 20’s this past weekend at the Mizuno Live event hosted at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Lenox Mall. Runners High -Darling Down South

While this may have been the first time my feet have slipped into Mizuno’s, it won’t be my last. I’ve run through two other pairs of running shoes this year and I can already tell you that these are going to be some of my springiest steps I take in the next few months on my runs! The newly refined Wave Rider 20 is the softest, smoothest, most responsive Wave Rider yet. Ali, our hostess through sneaker heaven from Mizuno, instructed us on the Wave Rider technology that delivers the right blend of soft cushioning and a smooth heel-to-toe transition with the “Wave” feel us runners love.  

The science side of me wanted to know more about this shoe (and why it was so good for us hard-top runners) so Ali told me about their new cloudwave technology and how it’s designed using convex (that’s u-shaped) geometry (nerd-things for the win) – to provide soft cushioning underfoot while acting as a spring at the same time (see springiest steps comment two paragraphs up). The curve in the cloudwave is longer and gentler to convert more of the runner’s heel impact into forward motion.Runners High -Darling Down South


FINALLY A SHOE MEANT FOR HOW HARD I POUND THE PAVEMENT. I can’t tell you how self-conscious I have been about how forceful I run on pavement, but this shoe actually distributes the weight I put into my heel to thrust me forward with a little competitive edge. Runners High -Darling Down South

I haven’t timed it just yet, but my first 5K I ever ran I did it in 27:47, so when I run my next one in Mizuno’s, I’ll update y’all on how much the shoes have shaved off my time. In fact, I just might go this weekend and challenge myself. 

No stopping me now. 

Runners High -Darling Down South

This was a sponsored post written by me, product tested by me, product approved by me, on behalf of Mizuno. 


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