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In my book, there’s nothing that cures a case of the gray skies quite like seeking out a new brunch spot in Atlanta. 

Last Saturday, we decided to brighten up the dreary week with a trip to Ormsby’s for a little brunching. 

I threw together my favorite plaid shirt dress, puffer vest and riding boot combo and we headed down the highway towards West Midtown’s favorite gaming hole. 
Plaid Shirtdress Plaid Shirtdress Plaid Shirtdress

Getting the most out of our morning off, we started with a small stroll around the block to find Ormsby’s. And by morning stroll, I mean we passed by it 3 times without realizing exactly where it was. Plaid Shirtdress


Plaid Shirt Dress (c/o) || Frye Melissa Button Boots || Jcrew Factory Equestrian Vest || Sunglasses || Necklace || St. Anne Tote in Herringbone

Plaid Shirtdress Plaid Shirtdress

But it was a delightfully overcast day so we didn’t mind the extra footwork. Brunches like these can’t come without some sort of eggs-ercise before or after! 
Plaid ShirtdressAs they say, persistence pays off, and we finally found Ormsby’s tucked under the stairs across from yeah! Burger. Ormsbys Brunch Ormsbys Brunch Ormsbys Brunch

The door is deceptively heavy. 

You’re really going to want to put your weight into it to tug it open. 

And then have a good laugh at yourself that you couldn’t open a door properly. But forgive yourself, it’s early and you haven’t had coffee yet. *wink*Ormsbys Brunch Ormsbys Brunch Ormsbys Brunch

Ormsby’s prides itself of providing its patrons with a fun and playful atmosphere. You’ll find downstairs that there are a bunch of games such as pool, shuffleboard, and each dining table is equipped with a checkers set to help you create healthy competition between your brunch mates before breakfast is served. 
Ormsbys Brunch  Ormsbys Brunch Ormsbys Brunch

So we started our morning with a coffee, checkers and some stronger drinks like their Monkey-mosa and house made yellow bloody mary. 

A note on the Monkey-mosa on the menu, apparently it’s a beer-mosa. I didn’t realize this at first until the first sip, so if you’re into that sort of thing, order it, but I don’t care for beer, so I instead exchanged it for a regular mimosa. 

The Yellow Bloody Mary is also very good, but very strong in flavor! They use local horseradish to give it a nice kick, and while I think the drink itself has incredible flavor, the horseradish could be scaled back a bit to make it more enjoyable for such an early morning drink. Ormsbys Brunch After terribly losing at checkers (I was absolutely demolished by Andrew who had kinged every piece he had and left me with one unkinged checker on the board), we didn’t have to wait long for our feast to arrive. We couldn’t quite decide between the Salmon Eggs Benedict, Chicken and Waffles and the Chicken Biscuit, so we ordered all three… 
Ormsbys Brunch Ormsbys Brunch Ormsbys Brunch The chicken and waffles were delicious! The waffle itself was light and fluffy, and the fried chicken was perfect for this dish. Not too greasy and the breading stayed perfectly in place even after being slathered with butter and syrup.

 Ormsbys Brunch Ormsbys Brunch

The salmon benedict was very good as well. The salmon croquette was juicy and a nice sturdy stacking addition on top of the English Muffin and spinach. Ormsbys Brunch The yolks of the poached egg were perfectly cooked: nice and runny without runny whites. 
Ormsbys Brunch
The real star of brunch had to be the Chicken Biscuit. The biscuit itself was hearty enough to hold up to the mammoth piece of chicken inside but soft enough to feel like you’re biting into your Southern Grandma’s homemade biscuits. 
Ormsbys Brunch The grits are another thing I have to say not to miss. Ormsby’s sure does know how to serve up an incredible bowl of grits. The cheese grits I got with the Salmon Benedict were some of the best I’ve ever had! Ormsbys Brunch

Plaid Shirt Dress (c/o) || Frye Melissa Button Boots || Jcrew Factory Equestrian Vest || Sunglasses || Necklace || St. Anne Tote in Herringbone

If you have been wanting to try Ormsbys brunch, I highly recommend it. It’s definitely a fun place to come after a night out and the food is extremely comforting on a crisp Fall day. 

Ormsby’s is located at 1170 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta. Just don’t forget that it’s under the stairs to save yourself from walking around Westside searching for brunch for half an hour. Make sure to get in early also, Brunch is only served from 12-3pm and they fill up quite fast on the weekend! 

xo Cynthia 

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