Our Half Bath Makeover Plans

Now that I’m moving in with my fiancé, we’ve decided that we’re going to make small adjustments to the house before we determine where we’re going to live long term. One thing that I love about his (our new place!) place is that it is an old building and just like my former apartment, the charm had been ripped out and replaced with mid-90’s renovations that plagued the city during its revival.

The good news is, the place has good bones, the better news is, we’ve decided to put an Art Deco spin on all the renovations so that the unit starts coming back to its original charm!

(Inspiration one: The New Darling’s Hallway Bathroom. I love the gold accents and the hex tile. We’ve already got the beadboard so I feel like this is pretty attainable!)

Since we’re also spending money on a wedding, we didn’t want this half bath reno to cost a lot of money and honestly, it doesn’t need a lot anyway besides some light fixtures, new hardware, and a coat of paint or wallpaper if I can find one in our budget. See below for our current Half Bath situation.

There is nothing wrong with this half bath, it’s just plain.

What we will change:



Fresh Paint

Faucet Color


Light Fixtures

Door Knob

What we will keep:

Pedestal Sink


This bathroom is off of our kitchen (which I severely hope one day we get to remodel because I have BIG PLANS), and while there is nothing functionally wrong with it, it’s just a bit plain and lacking light so I think it would look great with a fresh design to add an artistic interest to the room. Typically the door is left open while we’re entertaining, so it would be nice if there was something visually interesting about the room while guests are over.

So for this bathroom, I’m envisioning Metro hex tile on the floor and converting all the hardware to gold hardware. I’d like to replace our current towel rack with this U shaped towel rack so I can show off our new R monogram towels from Weezie towels.

I can’t decide if I just want to paint the mirror in a black satin finish or just get a new round mirror. I do like the idea of a round mirror but am afraid it’s going to be too trendy.

For extra storage, I’m bringing in my linen-cabinet turned alcohol cabinet that will now be turned back into a proper linen cabinet to store toilet paper, sanitary products and etc. for guests to use.

Instead of buying a new trashcan, I’m just going to give my current bathroom trashcan a quick spray with Rust-oleum champagne bronze spray paint. I used this on a lantern for our patio last year and it’s amazing. Highly recommend using Rust-Oleum products if you plan on re-painting something yourself.

(Image inspiration via the Glitter Guide

To finish it, I’m going to bring in my Turkish printed kilim rug to add a little color. 


To see more inspiration of our home reno, make sure to follow this board on Pinterest and see some behind the scenes on Instagram as well! 


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