2017: The Start of Something New

When I was younger, in a journal that’s still sitting in my bedside dresser, I wrote down this theory about New Years Eve that – until recently – had been long forgotten but continuously held true. 
Rent the Runway

The kiss you get on New Years Eve (and how you spend your New Years Eve) would greatly determine what’s in store for you in the year to come. Also, I had another theory about how you spend your birthday will determine the direction in which your year goes as well. Quite the thought for a 13 year old to come up with. But after rediscovering that theory earlier this year, I started taking a look at how my past NYE’s and birthdays had been spent and stacked up and realized “By George! I was onto something in my wise old youthful self.” 

So, if this New Years Eve says anything about the year to come it’s that this will be a year of firsts, fabulous parties, and finding occassions to get dressed up. Three things I love getting to experience and what girl doesn’t love being paraded about town in a beautiful gown?

Last year, I put together a resolution list to hold myself accountable and actually did a pretty great job of ticking off each item. So bear with me as I do it all again for 2017. 

Mental Health

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting, get understanding.” I’ve always loved this bible quote- be it because my Sorority adapted this to our creed, but also what is more valuable than your own mind? I’ve always had an affinity for school and learning – math, science, and art being my favorite subjects – and you can constantly find my nose stuck in a book. So I’ve decided to go back to school for my Masters. I also want to take care of my thoughts and be more gentle on myself. Don’t live in the future or past and get caught up in my own head. Live in the present, and don’t cause any undue stress thinking about what shoulda, coulda, woulda happened or what could happen in the future. And finally, learn a new skill. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar, maybe this will be my year. 

Physical Health

Continue to run. I can’t tell you how great it has been to get back into running. I started slowly last March, and now find myself going crazy if I can’t go hit-the-pavement at least 4 times a week. Maybe I’ll sign up for a 10K this year to push myself a little more. Join a rec or team sport. I’ve always wanted to try Crew, and I’m tall so maybe I’ll be good at volleyball. Who knows! The world is my oyster and I’m going to try anything once. Get back in the saddle. I have missed riding horses SO much. There is absolutely nothing better than riding horses, so I would love to put some money away to continue to pursue that and get back in the show ring this year. 

Financial Health

For being a Finance major I sure do love to avoid anything to do with financial practices. So this year I’m going to really stick to a budget. I need to start saving more intently for the future. Get rid of frivolous debt – I’m mainly talking to you, student loans. And finally spend more wisely and be more cognizant of where my money is going. 

Social Health

Be more choosy about the people I surround myself with. Your vibe attracts your tribe just as much as your tribe affects your vibe. Spend more time with my family and build more memories with them. You never realize how funny and wise your parents are until after 25. Not too mention my parents have the most loving relationship, and I love seeing how my Step-dad adores my mom and regards her in the most tender of ways as if they had just met. And finally, lift others up. 

Spiritual Health

Whatever your beliefs, I think it’s immensely important to be in tune with your own spirit and listen to your inner voice. Meditation is great for mindfulness, and I’m going to explore going to church more. I love going to church on Sundays, so I want to continue doing that for 2017. 

Pursue Passions

I love to write. I love words. I love telling stories through both words and photos. I want to take more chances this year pursuing that passion. I’ve been published in one magazine already for writing, so maybe this year I will have the opportunity to have both photos and stories being shared in a magazine. My ultimate life goal is to write something for Garden & Gun and potentially write a book. I’ve started 3 books already, but they lie unfinished on my hard drive.  

These are just some of the main things I want to focus on for 2017 besides eat more nutritionally dense food, spend more time outside and out of the city, manage my time better, and develop better personal strength. 

My words for 2016 were “action & celebrate” and those couldn’t have been more poignant words to have chosen. So this year, I’m choosing intention. Do all things with intention, and all things will be rightly done. Speak with intention, and those around you will listen more closely. Love with intention, and your heart won’t want for affection. Plan with intention, and life will never get away from you. Have faith with intention, and all things will come to you as requested. Work with intention, and you won’t fear for your future. 

Happy New Year, let’s make this one better than the last. 

Author: Cynthia

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