5 Reasons To Have A Signature Holiday Cocktail

My favorite thing about living in the South is the traditions I’ve been picking up over the years: like how to write a proper thank you note, packing more by packing less, investing in timeless pieces of clothing, hosting the perfect party, and creating signature treats, dishes and cocktails. (You can find all of these and more in my section titled “Tips.”)

Today we’re going to address the reasons why you need a signature cocktail, especially during the Holidays!
10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday Cocktail

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10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday Cocktail10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday CocktailWe don’t have a very extensive bar selection at our home (we’re more wine drinkers), but we do carry the necessities at all time like Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, and typically a few other seasonal favorites. I love being able to whip something up really quick if a friend comes by and decides to stay longer than intended. 
10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday CocktailI made this Skinny Christmas Gin Fizz the other weekend when we had our friends Monique & Paolo stop in to see our new place, and it was the perfect mid afternoon pick me up that helped them get in the holly-jolly Christmas spirit! 10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday Cocktail10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday Cocktail

5 Reasons To Have a Signature Holiday Cocktail

One) Uniqueness. Holiday parties are almost always the same with similar selections of food, wine, beer, and etc. It’s nice to have something that sets you apart! A couple of friends of ours had a Christmas party last year and she made a delicious Christmas Sangria. I will never forget that drink or that party because of it! 

Two) The signature cocktail is a great reflection of your personal style and taste and it helps set the mood with guests. Rum punches tend to mean someone is going to end up with a lampshade on their head before the uber is called, a champagne stemmed glass punch perhaps elicits more tame behavior from guests. It all depends on your gathering and group of friends, so make sure that the drink reflects your party’s mood. 

Three) It feels good to have a go-to your friends can look forward to at your gatherings. Not trying to bring ego into this, but sometimes it’s nice to receive a pat-on-the-back when everyone turns up ready to drink your signature Holiday Cocktail from Christmases past. 

Four) It’s a great conversation starter and ice breaker. Did a guy friend of yours bring his new girl to the party and you haven’t had a chance to meet her yet? This is a perfect opportunity to show off your hosting skills and open up conversation. Typically, conversation will flow easily when you’re engaging in an activity together. 

Five) It gives you something to do in case the party is lacking. We’ve all had those “dead” moments at parties where it seems like conversations have lulled, and people are sheepishly hugging themselves into the corner, but bringing out your signature cocktail is a great way to “save” the party by making a fresh batch of drinks and using it as a way to get people talking and interacting again. Nothing creates banter quite like two people fighting over the last drink on the serving platter. 

10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday Cocktail10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday Cocktail10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday CocktailReindeer Marquee Sign || Wrapping Paper || Plaid Ribbon || Gold Rimmed Glasses10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday Cocktail

Another thing to keep in mind about signature cocktails: you want them to be easy to mix up. It should be something you could easily mix in a pitcher and serve to the masses that come over for your annual holiday party. 10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday Cocktail

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10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday Cocktail10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday Cocktail

Also, presentation is key. I loved how these sugared rosemary sprigs turned out! They look like little Christmas trees poking out of a winter wonderland scene. 10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday CocktailKeep your drink seasonal. You wouldn’t want to make a strawberry based drink in the winter time. Strawberries are expensive this time of year and sourcing them can be difficult. Your signature drink should be affordable. You don’t want to waste all your money on alcohol and leave no room in the budget for food to sop up all the drinks your guests will be drinking!
10 Reason To Have A Signature Holiday Cocktail

Lastly, keep it calorie conscience. Your guests will already be filling up on appetizers and the main course, so give them a drink that will be refreshing and not too filling. Plus sugary drinks are more likely to induce hangovers, and you don’t want your guests waking the next morning thinking “ugh, I should NOT have had that signature cocktail, I feel horrible.” You want your guests to remember the evening warmly! 

Do you have a signature drink you like to serve guests during the Holidays? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

xo Cynthia 

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