9 Fall Recipes You Need to Make This Season

This past weekend in the mountains was a complete soul recharge for me. I believe between studying for the GMAT and how busy work has been picking up, I completely lost all creative energy and was feeling completely strung out. However as soon as we started inching our way up the blue ridge mountains on the way to Cashiers, NC, I felt my spirit lift and my creativity starting soaking back into my hands. I wasn’t going to let that energy go to waste, so as soon as we got settled in the house I started putting together a plan for Fall and Holiday content. Afterall, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. In the midst of this creativity I thought why not resurface some of my old recipes that may be new to you around here, so here it goes nine of my favorite fall recipes I’ve made since starting this blog in May of 2015. Enjoy! 

Pumpkin Apple MuffinsOne: Really Easy Pumpkin Apple Muffins. Recipe Here

These pumpkin muffins were a total “Semi-Homemade by Sandra Lee” moment, but it made for a good study break three weekends ago! 
Butternut Squash Quiche

Two: Butternut Squash and Spinach Quiche. Recipe Here

This butternut squash quiche was what happens when you have butternut squash for the first time in over a year and remember how obsessed you are so you start putting it in everything. Soup, this gourd is coming for you next. Pizza don’t think you’ve been spared any butternut squashing. 

Plum and Thyme Prosecco FizzThree. These LunaNuda Prosecco cocktails are just what the doctor ordered for Fall. Recipe Here.

I really had intended to only create one recipe for Luna Nuda when I recently partnered with them, but my indecisiveness led me to make two herbal infused prosecco cocktails. You’re welcome. I’m a personal fan of the Sage one, but don’t let me sway you, try them both out here
Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe

Four. Matcha Green Tea Almond Milk Lattes. Recipe here

This time last year I was obsessed with these lattes, I made them every day for a MONTH. That was some serious morning commitment. I think I’m going to have to pick up some almond milk and recreate these shortly, I’m already missing their subtly sweet flavor. 

The Best Biscuit RecipeFive. Biscuits. The best ever buttermilk biscuits. Recipe here

I think these biscuits very well could rival Callie’s HLB, but that’s just this girls opinion… that I would happily take to the grave and potentially have etched on my tombstone. 

Creamy Apple Parsnip Soup RecipeSix. Apple and Parsnip Soup. Recipe here.

This may be a labor-intensive recipe but it’s worth every bit of sweat you pour into it. Do not neglect the toppings, they were the icing on the soup if you would. 

Peach Walnut Breakfast BreadSeven. Peach walnut bread. Recipe here

Okay, this is somewhat a summer recipe, BUT in my defense, you can switch out the peaches very easily for pears and it becomes autumnal instantaneously. 

Pomegranate Thyme Roast ChickenEight. Autumnal Pomegranate Chicken. Recipe here

This is the holy grail of chicken recipes. It’s so easy and so delicious, it should be a sin. You’ll definitely want to add this one to your “recipe bucket list” this Fall. 
Venison Stew Recipe

Nine. Venison Stew. Recipe here

You would be shocked how few venison stew recipes there are online, Pinterest especially. I had to get really creative with this recipe to keep it from being bland (deer is a very lean meat after all), but to date, this is my favorite stew recipe I’ve ever made. The Le Creuset dutch oven is essential. 

Hope you find some inspiration here! Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Pinterest as I prep more Fall content! 

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