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Chipotle Chicken Noodle Soup

This post is sponsored by Mueller’s® Pasta. The opinions and text are all mine. There’s nothing like taking leftovers and turning them into soup to make your family (or even yourself) feel like they’re getting something new. That’s what I did here with this Chipotle Chicken Noodle Soup recipe. I love a good chicken noodle

Cheater Chicken n Dumplings Soup

I’ve never made Chicken n Dumplins soup at home before. This recipe was an amalgamation of what I had on hand and reminiscing flavors of dishes I’ve eaten once before. While this may be called “Cheater Chicken n Dumplins Soup” the only place we’re cheating on is the dumplings and replacing them with gnocchi. The

Extra Cheesy Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe & Cheddar Pop Tarts

Last week we celebrated National Cheddar day with Tillamook on Instagram and I can’t get over how amazing this broccoli cheese soup recipe turned out. I’ve never actually made this at home before, I’ve only ever devoured it from a giant bread bowl at Panera and indulged in the fact that I was basically eating

8 Soups to Keep you Cozy this Fall

I can’t believe I get to say this, but it’s time to pull out your plaid scarves and riding boots: we finally have some fall in the forecast down south! Cooler temps and lots of rain on the horizon all add up to one cozy thing: soup season. Seriously, is there anything that says “hygge”

Hearty Butternut Squash and Double Tillamook Cheddar Soup

OHHHHH momma! It’s finally time to come clean about my addiction to BNS- butternut squash for those not in the know. Butternut Squash was never something I ate while growing up as my family opted for canned pumpkin for all of our gourd consumption needs. After college, I was introduced to Butternut Squash Soup and fell

Creamy Tomato Soup with The Perfect Grilled Tillamook Cheddar Cheese

As I mentioned in this post here, this creamy tomato soup was inspired by my recent trip to Portland Oregon to visit my partners at Tillamook and to attend the Feast Festival! When we were at the Tillamook Creamery, we were treated to a delicious meal that included their prized tomato soup and fried cheese curds. I

Creamy Apple and Parsnip Soup

It happened all too fast: Summer dipped her toes into Fall and then Fall jumped straight into Winter. We’ve been having wonderfully chilly mornings leading into brisk sunny afternoons. The kind of weather that makes you want to grab a warm body and cuddle the afternoon away, start wearing head to toe tartan, and whisking

The Only Pot Roast Recipe You’ll Ever Need

It’s about to be Fall which means I’m anxiously awaiting the opportunity to make my favorite pot roast recipe. My favorite thing about this pot roast recipe is it encourages interacting with my Atlanta community. I buy my chuck roast from Evergreen Butcher & Baker in Kirkwood, the veggies I source from my favorite Farmers

20 Tips on How to Spend Less Money in the New Decade

At the top of everyone’s New Years’ resolution you’ll probably find something regarding money. I think the best thing you can do for yourself is to save on expensive habits and spend less by recreating it at home. This year, I’m challenging you to #SpendLess20 with these 20 tips on how to reduce your spending

Blackberry Peach Crumb Bars

As we near the end of summer, the fruit gets a little sweeter. The summer rainstorms enable berries and peaches to plump up to the point of bursting, making it the perfect time to infuse them into every baked good our Kitchen Aid mixer can whip up. Last year, I couldn’t stop making this peach