A Mini Guide to Alys Beach Florida

The first time I discovered Alys Beach (pronounced Alice) it was through a long and winding search for things to do on 30A through multiple Instagram hashtags that immediately infatuated me with the sun-bleached white buildings, the resort style architecture, and the uniqueness of the town when compared to its neighbors. Its picturesque beauty has you fallin in love instantaneously, but the island time this city thrives has you considering matrimony by ways of purchasing one of the coveted homes along the shoreline.

This sophisticated atmosphere is reminiscent of a 5-star exclusive hotel but the activities on hand are approachable and fun at any age.

alys beach travel guide alys beach travel guide alys beach travel guide

Places To Eat

The Fonville Press

One of the main reasons I wanted to visit Alys Beach was to visit the Fonville Press. I had heard wondrous things about their café, and as soon as I pulled up to the charming outdoor patio with green and white striped umbrellas, I knew I could easily lose myself in a book with a cup of coffee in the morning and linger there until dusk sipping on a glass of Sancerre. This particular trip was to satiate our hunger for lunch so we ordered iced coffees and whimsical salads to carry us through the day.


You’ll find locally sourced menus here for lunch, dinner or to go orders. They combine organic ingredients with fresh takes on classic dishes with a wrap-around porch and outdoor seating that cannot be beaten.

Charlie’s Donuts

When we rolled into town, Charlie’s had already run out of their famous donuts so unfortunately, we didn’t get to try any of their famous pastries! They open early each morning (6:30am) serving handmade donuts and pastries right out of their converted Sunbeam bread truck. Donut get caught empty handed and head to their location early, the locals eat these up as soon as the door opens!

alys beach travel guide alys beach travel guidealys beach travel guidealys beach travel guide

Things to Do

Stroll around and take in the architecture. 

The builders of this town did a phenomenal job of recreating the bleach white Bermudan architecture and while aesthetically the houses all look similar, each has its own unique charm that should be better inspected on foot! Make sure to bring a camera!

Enjoy the Beach.

It goes without saying that the beaches on the gulf coast are some of the prettiest in the world. The porcelain white sand and crystal clear blue water are unparalleled and make for perfect lounging or leisurely beach walking backdrops.

Rent a bike and bike up and down 30A.

The highway that connects all of the beach towns, 30A, is very pedestrian friendly. The sidewalk is extra wide to allow foot and pedal traffic pass easily. You can rent a bike from an in-town shop and explore this town by pedal.

alys beach travel guidealys beach travel guide

Where to Stay

Beach House Rentals.

You don’t have to own a home to stay here, there are plenty of rentals that will transport you to the island time you’ve been craving. Many of these rentals are family friendly, and this one, in particular, is my favorite due to its aesthetics!

Author: Cynthia

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    • Hi Arlene, not certain about golf and I believe there are lifeguards at beaches where you can rent spots and chairs for the day. However with the pandemic I doubt there will be any lifeguards on duty since the beaches are closed.

        • yes, the beach access is available only to residents, but it’s a beach so it’s not like you can’t stay the next town over and walk to that beach front. It’s 30A so all the beaches are amazing. The restaurants are all open to the public.

  • I am looking forward to visiting Aly’s Beach this August and drive along 30A as it looks absolutely beautiful in pictures. I have not been to this part of the USA so I am very excited. Any suggestions about what I must see?

    • Hi Emma,

      It has changed dramatically since I went a few years ago and I’m not certain how it’s operating during COVID. I would suggest using this guide as a launching point and exploring on foot/ bike. Definitely make a trip over to the Pearl and Seaside. I also love Rosemary Beach and I believe Red Bar has been rebuilt, it’s an institution!