After being poured on from the day before, my friend and I were in no hurry to wander out into the rain that lingered the following day. 

So we cuddled up with some cappuccino’s patio side and listened to the Island forest sing with relief as the rain pelted down from above. 

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After properly waking up from caffeine, we headed back up to the solarium to feast on a healthy serving of Eggs Benedict and wait for the rain to still before we continued exploring Capri. CapriUnfortunately because of the rain we weren’t able to go do some of the things we had intended such as swim in the blue grotto, take a boat tour of the Frangiolini rocks, drink rosé on the beach as we watched the fisherman bring in their daily catch. 

But we could go shopping, and that’s essentially the same thing. Making our way to Anacapri again for the afternoon we stopped in Capri Touch and browsed for souvenirs. CapriCapriCapri   So I begun browsing around and noticing how my wardrobe seriously lacked some bow endorsed sandals and immediately had the shop girl start fitting me for a pair. Capri Capri Capri She barely needed to measure me before my foot was being positioned and repositioned to the most accurate size, then she snipped the leather and took it over to her station and hammered the leather pieces in place, and in less than the time it takes you to brush your teeth she had produced a beautiful pair of sandals to my specifications. CapriSO I left Capri with two custom pairs of shoes and I’m not one bit mad about it. 

After our shoe-excursion we sought out some food down the street to fill our pasta-void that was growing in our stomachs. 

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Capri Capri Capri Finding that we had started our day too late and looked for lunch at the wrong hour because all of the restaurants were closed for lunch. 

So instead we feasted our eyes on the wonderful curb appeal and sights around us. Capri Capri  And decided it was now or never if we wanted to go seek out the lighthouse at the end of the Island. 

So we hopped back on our scooter and we were off, the rain subduing just long enough for us to make it to our destination.

 CapriCapriCapriCapri      After being soaked to the bone, missing lunch and running a red light in Anacapri, we decided to head back to our hotel for one last dinner in the square and prepare for our trip home in the morning. 

An unforgettable vacation with many treasured memories and some regrets, but nonetheless, the time of our lives. 

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Author: Cynthia

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