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If you’re one of those people who gets motivated to work out with buying new workout clothes, then I bet you’re also the type who finds an excuse to clean when you get new cleaning tools. Unless, that’s just me… but surely I can’t be alone in my endeavor to have pretty and functional cleaning tools. Enter heirloom-quality cleaning products from Andree Jardin that are as functional as they are fashionable. 

andree jardin cleaning products

The search for new cleaning products arrived when we moved home after our home renovation and the movers left our broom dustpan on the truck. I had had my previous broom through 5 moves and was sad to see an integral part of the cleaning process lost to the wasteland of a fleeting moving truck. 

This was back in October, so we’ve been using some creative solutions to picking up those few crumbs that get tossed around (paper is great but not quite sturdy enough, just FYI). 

andree jardin dustpan

I figured if I’m going to have these cleaning products for the next 10-15 years, why not invite some heirloom quality products that bring me joy and that I would be proud to leave on display if necessary. This is where I found Andree Jardin. 

One thing I’m trying to be purposeful of in this next decade is not wasteful buying. I am no longer buying for fleeting moments or occasions. If there is something I truly want, instead of getting something that’s just okay I will wait to buy what I consider quality for the value. 

These cleaning products truly bring me joy and excite me to clean every time I pull them out. We’ve since repurposed the dustpanless broom to the basement for cleaning up the plaster dust that settled after the renovation. 

One product I would be remiss to not honorably mention is the stain remover. This product removed settled grease stains, wine, and sharpie. So far, very pleased with my intentional cleaning products. 

Laundry Basket || Brush & Dustpan || Broom || Market Bag || Dish Towels || Wool & Cashmere Wash || Fabric Conditioner || Stain Remover 

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