Atlanta’s Best Lobster Rolls

We may not be New England, but the South knows how to cook up some seafood. Long gone are the days where our North Eastern relatives scoff at being taken out for seafood Down South, but instead, we’re cooking up some competition for those high-pride Northerner’s favorite dishes, one in particular: the Lobster Roll. 
Atlanta's Best Lobster Roll Atlanta's Best Lobster Roll Atlanta's Best Lobster Roll

Atlanta’s Best Lobster Rolls

Brine Seafood Shack- Alpharetta. 

Don’t let OTP fool you, they have a lot of hidden food gems and with the Avalon becoming an epicenter for ITP expats to conglomerate their culinary delights, it’s no wonder a dedicated seafood place touts one of my favorite lobster rolls. Served cold or hot, this mayo-based lobster roll is stuffed with claw meat and sits in a toasted brioche bun. The lobster meat isn’t over flavored, so you’re getting an authentic lobster taste without drowning in seasoning. Find them in the Avalon near Jeni’s, website here. (all photos in post were taken at Brine.) 


Kathleen’s Katch – Milton or Johns Creek.

Another OTP treasure but with a few more limits.  For less than $15 you get a large lobster roll stuffed to the brim with lobster meat expertly dressed. My grandma- whose expert New England opinion has guided my seafood taste buds- even said, and I quote “This has to be the best lobster roll I’ve ever eaten. I mean, wow, even better than when we had fresh lobster off the boat in Maine.” If that doesn’t sell you, then nothing will. You’ll want to call ahead to make sure it’s available before making the OTP trek from the city for this one, but it’s worth the drive. Find a location near you here


The Optimist- West Midtown.

You’d be remiss to pay Atlanta a visit and not try out Ford Fry’s most famous restaurant, the Optimist. But apart from their ever-changing exquisite oyster menu, they make one of the most hearty lobster rolls in town. Done the traditional way with mayonnaise, celery salt and plenty of lemon, they’re served with frenched fries and you’d be wise to dine on it patio side facing their little courtyard during the warmer months. Located at 914 Howell Mill Road, ATL. 

A short but sweet list, this concludes all of the places I would recommend to my New York-based grandmother. She’s given them the seal of approval. 

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