Baby Boy Shower Plans & Mood Board

After finding out the sex of our baby, for me, the next most fun thing to look forward to was planning my baby shower. I love a party and any excuse to make a floral arrangement. Since we’re having a little boy, I didn’t want to go over the top with chintz and florals, but this is a party for me celebrating growing life (and our family) so I figured a nod to florals was well deserved. 😘 Below I’m sharing all the plans on planning my baby shower, starting with the aesthetic and all the items I ordered to make the vision a reality. *hint this didn’t cost us a fortune either!*

Baby Boy Shower Mood Board

After planning our elopement wedding -which we decided was best because I was going back to grad school, forgoing a salary and we’d rather have a $50k home renovation than a wedding- I realize the second most expensive type of life event is anything related to having a baby. 

“Oh this is for a baby shower, now chicken salad and tea sandwiches are $75 a head for catering. Petit fours for 50, that’ll be $4,000.” Only kidding, sorta

We did originally go down the route of hiring a caterer, but for the menu I wanted (which most didn’t offer without a customization surcharge) and the per-head fee, my hostesses and I decided we could find a better alternative. 

I mean, I’d rather put the $3,000+ extra towards something else (like all of these adorable baby clothes!!) than solely for one event. 

My aesthetic for the baby shower of course has to include a lot of flowers. This is hands down where I’m going to spend the most money. But for everything else, I was able to source from Amazon and my mom is building me two balloon arches. 

Fun fact- she used to do corporate balloon installs when we lived in California back in the 90’s! 

So can you have a designer-worthy baby shower on a budget? 

Abso-freaking-lutely. Ordering things from Amazon and being able to DIY, I was able to turn the $4,700 catering quote (that was the cheapest!), into a $900 food & decor baby shower of my dreams. 

And it’s going to look like a $10k+ event. Win!

Here’s a list of everything I’ve ordered to make my designer baby shower a reality. 


Large Cotton Gingham Tablecloth | Blue & White Round Tablecloth | Standup bar height tables | Florals (DIY) You can take my digital floral mini-course and learn how to do this yourself at home! | Balloon Arch (DIY) Kit bought on Amazon | Napkins | Invites


Chicken Salad Sandwich Croissant platters | Cucumber Tea Sandwhiches from Henri’s | Smoked Salmon Bar | Charcuterie Board | Fruit | Strawberry Spinach Goat Cheese Salad | Petit Fours from Publix | Custom cookies from Southern Peach Pastries 


Grapefruit Gin Punch (with floral ice cubes for Spring) 

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