Biking Beautiful Beaufort SC

After a delightful breakfast at our hotel of poached eggs and biscuits, the morning had promised to produce a hot afternoon with a stray cool breeze. So we set off on a pedaling adventure othrough the Spanish moss-draped oaks that dotted the town of Beaufort SC. 


Beaufort South Carolina


Beaufort South Carolina

Beaufort South Carolina Beaufort South Carolina Beaufort South Carolina
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Beaufort SC is what you would expect from a Southern seaside town: lackadaisical in its approach to life, emphasizing the thought of lingering over a full itinerary of the grab-n-go lifestyle we city dwellers have grown used to. The townspeople tend to be active during the cooler parts of the day, so their mornings are spent fishing and boating leaving their afternoons to retreat to a front porch and enjoy a southern tincture

We decided to follow in their footprints and have an active morning, exploring the surrounding neighborhood by bike before the sun caused us to retreat from the increasing humidity. The day before we had taken a walking tour with Sunshine Walking Tours, a native South Carolinian genteel woman and trained docent well versed in Beaufort’s vast history. Utterly intrigued with the antebellum picture she had painted for us the day prior, we wanted to get another look at the town on a bike as well. 

Sunshine is the one who told me the history of my new curb appeal obsession: haint blue porch ceilings. I had always noticed one-off houses having blue porch ceilings but I didn’t realize the history behind them. A history lesson to pass on to you another day, but a necessity for any Southern home with a covered porch. 

We passed colorful colonials and ivy-clad garages. Driveways made of tiny rock and pavers. Age-washed brick bookending wrought iron fences. White picket fences with a drapery of Confederate star jasmine. The bikes from our hotel provided the perfect vehicle to see the town at a pass slightly quicker than the day prior.  It was the quintessential Southern charm and left me itching to create my own garden trellis as soon as I got home. 


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