Best Podcasts For a RoadTrip

Don’t get me wrong- I love a classic road trip playlist but sometimes when it comes to sitting in a car for 6 hours I need something to shake up the Totally 80’s playlist I have blasting through my speakers which is why I love podcasts. I got addicted to podcasts during my train ride to work and loved being able to learn something while getting somewhere. Below is a list of podcasts that not only I love listening to but are some of your favorite’s you listed over on Instagram

My Favorite Murder

My friend Chelsea turned me onto this podcast and I obsessively binged over half of the episodes in a month before I became completely freaked out and had to quickly cut myself off for sanity’s sake. However, if you are a true crime lover this is a fantastic podcast! The co-hosts, Karen and Georgia, have awesome chemistry and keep a real and human perspective on true crime cases. It’s snapped me out of my security bubble but also provided me with a lot of entertainment. 

Harvard Business Review – Ideacast

I love how host Sarah Green Charmical interacts with each one of her guests in a curious but informed way. I leave each episode feeling inspired, empowered, and with a greater understanding of the subject that she is presenting that day. 

@meg_timm recommends Armchair Expert by Dax Shepherd

Mr. Kristen Bell has a hilarious podcast that “celebrates the messiness of being human” where he talks to a variety of people and listens to their stories- whether it’s about a personal struggle they overcame or how they got to their version of success. Supposedly the Zach Braff episode is hilarious!

@southernpeachpastries recommends Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

Of course, Oprah continuously creates amazing content for us to digest so it’s no surprise that she’s back and taking a turn at having some “soulversations” with industry thought leaders, spiritual leaders, and visionaries in her podcast. 

@katietschopp recommends In The Dark 

This crime related podcast is produced from a journalistic view and covers all angles of the story and leaves you wondering some tough questions to ask about how the justice system handles a case. 

If you have any other recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments below. 

Author: Cynthia

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