Sunday Farmer’s Market with Buffalo Jackson

In Atlanta, there are a plethora of Farmer’s Markets to visit (and I’ve visited them all in this post), and what I love about each is that there is such a localized community in each one. Getting immediate exposure to the lifeblood of a neighborhood within Atlanta is one of my favorite things to do on a weekend.

It’s always a fun people watching sport and typically each Farmers Market has a different list of vendors from my go-to’s. This past Sunday we visited the Grant Park Farmers Market and I made my Buffalo Jackson Madison tote double as a Farmers Market Tote. I can confirm, it was the most stylish and versatile bag to grace the farmers market. 

As a recovering equestrian, anything that smells like the fine leather of a tack store gets my immediate buy-in. As a career-driven businesswoman, I also need something that is more than just stylish but functional (that won’t break under the weight of an over-stuffed bag) for bouncing around town from work to weekend. When we last minute decided to pop over to Grant Park Farmers Market, my Buffalo Jackson Tote served as the perfect parcel to carry my goodies around. 

Not only did this bag already contain my necessary daily items, but I was able to fit a bunch of radishes, some green beans, one loaf of bread, some eggs, and a large bouquet of flowers. I love that it’s large enough to carry all of these things and still looks like a classic handbag to the regular passerby. Of all my bags I carry, this one gets the most compliments. I think it may need a subtle monogram added in the future, but how it serves me now, I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Thanks to Buffalo Jackson who provided me the Madison Leather Tote to review for this blog post. 

Author: Cynthia

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