Last Bit of Southern Charm

On our last morning we awoke hungry and sad. 

After packing our bags and leaving a tip for the housekeeper, we said our goodbyes to the founders of SBS, Jessica and Cathy, and headed off in search of a big ol’ Southern biscuit. 

The night before we stumbled upon a little hole in the wall in plain sight on our way back from the bars on King Street. 

The cute marquee signs that illuminated the windows and the promise of hot little biscuits made us want to trek back in the morning.
Callies Hot Little Biscuit As soon as you opened the door to Callies Hot Little Biscuit, a hot wave of air smelling of melted butter and yeast welcomed you deeper into the shop.  Callies Hot Little Biscuit Callies Hot Little Biscuit In a shop no wider than a parking space, there was a marble bar with bar stools and a line anxiously awaiting to order their biscuits. A small bookshelf and freezer selling kitchy cooking supplies and frozen biscuit dough sat on the other side where the line was forming. Callies Hot Little Biscuit

The limited menu didn’t make it very easy to choose just ONE biscuit however, and the wall of specials made it even more difficult to decide. Callies Hot Little BiscuitSo I had to get two. Calories don’t count when you’re on vacation, right? 

I got a traditional bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and their special blueberry biscuit with vanilla icing. 

The biscuits were like nothing I’ve ever eaten before: thick but flaky, perfectly soft and absolutely teeming with butter. I would assume Paula Deen would approve of these biscuits. 

The absolute gem of the meal was the blueberry biscuit. It wasn’t so much a biscuit as it was a slice of cake with sugared fruit on it. BUT DARNIT if it wasn’t the best thing I put in my mouth that whole trip, I don’t know what was. 
Callies Hot Little Biscuit Callies Hot Little Biscuit After gorging ourselves on biscuits, we decided to walk down the French quarter again to soak up one last bit of Charleston Charm. But we decided to take the long way to walk off some of those biscuits. 
Charleston CharmHow is it that even their fire stations are adorably charming? I had to do a double take walking up to that dog, I thought it was real when we were across the street. I might need to get my eyes checked.. 
Charleston CharmAfter passing a Harry Potter approved door number, we arrived back to Chalmers street to have a little sit halfway through the journey to the French quarter. Sunday was an excruciatingly hot day. I forgot the reason why I dislike visiting the beach so much: even the mornings are blisteringly warm, but typically escapable by a quick dip in the ocean. Perfect pink pineapple shirt! DSC_0100Perfect pink pineapple shirt!

Pink Pineapple Shirt (c/o Rikshaw Designs) || White Shorts (order one size down) || Patricia Nash Crossbody Bag (c/o) || Sunglasses || Vince Camuto Sandals || HM Willow Bracelets (c/o) Perfect pink pineapple shirt!

Perfect pink pineapple shirt! Perfect pink pineapple shirt!

Patricia Nash Designs sent me the Dante Crossbody in Vachetta to tote around while in Charleston. I didn’t realize how roomy it was going to be and I’m really excited that it is able to hold my DSLR without looking bulky. The one thing I find myself complaining about with blogging is that carrying around a DSLR get’s really cumbersome after awhile. I don’t always want to carry a large handbag and I can’t carry a clutch because then I’d have to carry my camera by the strap. These all sound like first world problems because they are- but it’s so refreshing to now have a bag that is able to fit all my going out necessities and my camera! They really should advertise this as a wanderluster’s camera bag, because it’s perfect when you travel on vacations and find yourself trying to find a solution to the “should I carry a larger bag or the camera by the strap” conundrum. Perfect pink pineapple shirt! Perfect pink pineapple shirt! So now we can also talk about the pineapple in the room, right? This shirt that Rikshaw Designs sent me is a preppy’s dream come true. Not only is it pink, but the pineapple print is like a fun play on a summer gingham with it’s repeated pattern. A huge plus is that even though it’s a long sleeve shirt, Rikshaw is heavily focused on being beach friendly, so the material is light and breathable. It’s also nice to know that the Owner, Carter, is an absolute dream to work with. She was so accomodating and friendly, I really enjoyed partnering with them to bring you this fun shirt! If you’re going to invest in the pineapple trend, this shirt is well built enough to last you year after year to bring you classic style. Perfect pink pineapple shirt! Perfect pink pineapple shirt! Finally after a quick walk to the pier to say goodbye to the ocean, we headed back to the hotel to collect our things and say goodbye to the staff at the Belmond at Charleston Place. Besties weekend: we definitely overpacked
As we waddled down the hallway and rode the elevator down to the main lobby, I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that us four girls (Monique, Luisa and Rachel) managed to fill up the buggy and found ourselves each carrying three bags on our arms was a comical sight. So we threw our bags down and grabbed a quick picture of the ridiculous amount of stuff we had acquired from the weekend. Who knew four girls would be able to collect so much in a 3 day weekend? 

xoxo- Cynthia 

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