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Capri Italy Travel Guide

When we were in Italy, we had two stops: Positano and Capri. While both were similar in culture (fishing village, wonderful food, etc), each had something uniquely different about themselves that set them apart from one another. 

Capri has been a favorite “resort” area to vacate to since the Roman’s were in power. Emperors throughout that time period would often escape to the island for some R&R away from their tiresome lives on the mainland. What makes Capri so beautiful is the abundance and variance of flora as well as the tropical migratory birds that make temporary homes there throughout the season. It’s got wonderful beaches for sunbathing, excellent activities for both water and land lovers and the shopping is luxurious and divine. Even though in the warmer months Capri swells to accommodate 2 Million tourists, there are still a lot of things to do to avoid the tourism traps and have a unique Capri experience. 

#1 Take A Boat Tour Around the Island: Unfortunately, when we got to Capri, we had rain in the forecast for the next few days we were there so we weren’t able to rent a boat, but had we been able to we would have rented a boat from Gianni’s Boat Tours. He has a fleet of vintage inspired boats and sailboats to choose from and his tour of Capri is typically 3 hours long with stops at the Frangiolini, blue and green grotto and a stop off to swim in the Meditteranean! Truly it would have been an amazing experience! 

#2 Rent a Vespa to explore Capri & Anacapri: This was probably one of our most favorite activities we did in Capri because we got to control where we went. Andrew has ridden motorcycles before so I wasn’t worried about his driving and so long as you know the rules of the rights on the road (buses first, then Vespas, then cars then pedestrians) you will be fine driving around. It was a great way to explore all of Capri. We probably went up and down every road we could and got to see so much more than just what the guide books tell you like eating at wonderful restaurants like…

#3 Eat at De Gelsomina in Anacapri: De Gelsomina is difficult to find, even for locals. We were warned many times that we would get lost, but getting lost is half the fun, so off we went in search of this restaurant. You can call the restaurant and a transit car will come and pick you up! I highly recommend eating at this restaurant. The food was incredible. The view was spectacular. The courtyard where you ate was beautiful even in the grayness of the overcast day. It’s been my favorite memory of Capri so far and I’m so mad we never went back for dinner. I could have eaten there for every meal and never tired of its splendid meals. 

#4 Sunbathe at the Marina Piccola: Since it was rainy we missed out, but even in the overcast day the beach was beautiful and was quintessentially Amalfi Coast with a great view of the Frangiolini as a backdrop. 

#5 Get Lost in the Gardens of Augustus: Seriously breathtaking. The flowers were still blooming even in October. It’s like it’s perpetually stuck in Spring. 

#6 Try Limoncello or Lemon anything: This region is well known for their lemon production. I swear the lemons taste better here than at home. I highly recommend indulging in as much lemon food items as possible! 

#7 Get Gelato at Tavolacalda: Besides Buca di Beppo in Positano, this was the best gelato we had all week! This has to be the best gelato on the island, it’s located just down the street from Salvatorre Ferragamo in Capri. Be warned, they do not offer samples, and the fantasi di Capri is really excellent!

#8 {Window} Shop along Via Camerelle: Capri somehow became a hub for all things fabulous and expensive and soon had designers like Dolce & Gabbana setting up shop in the highest concentrated area of designer boutiques in the world. It’s fun to look at all the things you want to buy. But if you’re interested in more local shopping, check out this article for these amazing local goods! 

#9 Get Custom Sandals at Capri Touch: Handmade sandals are going to be more expensive on Capri (by about $50) but the people at Capri Touch are amazing and have beautiful and unique designs. I got a Capri Blue colored leather bow sandal, they’re my favorite souvenir thus far!

#10 See the Blue and Green Grotto after hoursWhile it’s not recommended, you can see the Blue and Green grotto’s on your own accord without paying a ferry to drive you over there to take a picture of the outside. Locals and bold tourists alike have been diving into the water and exploring the cavern internally and getting a first-hand glimpse. Caution: explore at your own risk. If the tide is high and you’re not a particularly good swimmer, I would exercise extreme care to not do anything foolish. 

There you have it! The 10 things you must to do in Capri! Just be warned, the Island starts closing down in the middle to late October so these things won’t be available in the later part of the year. 

Have you been to Capri? What’s on your must-see list? 


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