One Month In with our Home Reno: The Bathroom

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The renovations have started and we have officially moved out of our condo while the nasty work is being done. The hardest part about kicking off this entire renovation was the coordination of moving everything out and preparing so that our contractors had a blank space to work in. It’s like pre-cleaning your home before the cleaners come, there was a bit of prep work on our end to get everything out of the way before some walls were knocked down.

We had to secure a new place to live (sharing more on that here), buy packing materials and hire movers. Needless to say, it was a lot of financial fronting that we had to prepare for. In this post, I’ve shared some tips on moving and how to account for buying more moving boxes than you think you need. Whenever I had to make an unexpected stop at the store for additional moving supplies (rolls of packaging paper and more boxes), having my Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards card by my side was a complete lifesaver.

Bathroom Remodel Progress

The week leading up to the move, we made multiple trips to the store to pick up extra boxes (who knew 4 rooms full of stuff would need as many boxes as it did?), and my cash back credit card was always there for all our last-minute purchases. It was nice to be rewarded with a little cash back for each trip we made.

Truthfully, I get a little giddy using my Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards card, knowing that cashback is coming back to me. Since Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards new cardmembers with 3% cashback on all purchases up to $20,000 for the first year, it even helps me remind myself to dedicate 3% of my day to help the movers go from location to location. That’s a whole 40 minutes I am able to put towards reaching our goal of prepping the house so we can get our ultimate southern kitchen!

Something about saving while spending helps me realize how valuable using a credit card is for our little projects leading up to our big project!

Bathroom Remodel Progress Bathroom Remodel Progress

To take you on a little behind the scenes tour, our bathroom is COMPLETELY gone. We are starting with the areas that may have the most unseen damage, and just as we expected, there was a little rot where the shower used to be. We will need new joists, but otherwise, it is in pretty decent shape, and, it’ll soon be much safer to hold all the tiles we purchased.

Bathroom Remodel Progress

The piping is still strong, there’s some questionable wiring, and the remaining boards and walls all look like they are ready to receive some much-needed insulation and modern-day drywall! Phase two is coming and I’m excited to share more progress with you guys, and how our Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards credit card is making these big purchases a bit easier to stomach.

Bathroom Remodel Progress

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