Chic Halloween Tablescape

Truth be told my only motivation for decorating for Halloween is the opportunity to eat some Halloween candy. I don’t typically decorate my space in black’s and gold’s, but this black and white table runner and some stick on bats was just the thing to get me into the spirit to welcome my favorite spirits, The Sanderson Sisters. 

Chic Halloween Table Chic Halloween TableChic Halloween Table Chic Halloween Table

Chic Halloween Table Chic Halloween Table

Is it just me or do holiday edition M&M’s taste the best? I like transferring my Holiday M&M’s into their own glass resealable container and storing them that way. It’s easy to snap the lid open and grab what you want and quickly store it away for a later snack. 

For my Halloween table, I wanted to use candy as the focal part for the runner. The greatest thing about Halloween’s past was always Trick-or-Treating so I wanted to transfer that fun element over to the table so that people can come and sit at the table to grab and go as they please. 

I used an old bell jar to act as a cauldron that sat at the head of the table pouring it’s candy contents out and I used my thrift store repainted candlesticks to hold some black wax taper candles instead of the white ones I keep in them when they illuminate my fireplace. I wanted to use things I had around my house like bell jars instead of cauldrons but if you have Halloween decor around the house, this would be a good time to use it. 

Now the most fun part was adding the flying bats to the back wall to make it look like they were exploding out of the corner of the room. To add the illusion that they are coming out towards you, start by using the smallest ones at the base and then gradually add larger ones to the end. If you need more inspiration, I’ve gathered a bunch of inspiration over here on our Halloween Pinterest Board. 

How are you decorating for Halloween? Let me know in the comments below! 

Make sure you have these items to recreate the look at home! 

Chic Halloween Tablescape

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