Creating a Boutique Hotel Worthy Guest Room with the One Room Challenge

This year, I’ve decided to participate in the One Room Challenge. If you aren’t familiar with the One Room Challenge, it’s a virtual design challenge that inspires you to finish that space in your home. We have a lot of spaces that have been left to hemming and hawing after our renovation and it’s time to nip those projects in the bud for good. As I mentioned on Instagram at the beginning of this year, my goal was to fill in the blank spaces and add some interior designer-quality elements to the home. So here we go! 

The first room that I really did that to was the Dry Bar when I officially finished it by adding some wallpaper. I loved the statement the room made before but now I feel that this room is truly complete. It really packs a punch when you walk into the house from the back entrance. 

Now, I’m setting my sights on adding the same upgrade to our guest bedroom just in time for the Holiday season. 

This room has largely been left up to becoming a collection point for my overflow projects. I hate that I use the room like that, but hey- we all fall prey to “dealing with this later”. 

One of the things that’s going is the headboard and we will be bringing in some new-to-me furniture. I really love the look of grasscloth-covered end tables but hate the price so I’ll be working on a fun and simple DIY to turn simple pre-fab end tables into expensive-looking replicas. 

My goal is to fill this room with affordable pieces sourced from estate-saling and Facebook marketplace. The few new things we will be adding will be curtains, curtain rods, and some other upholstered items. 

As for other room-zhushing, I will be adding some square picture frame molding to the walls to replicate my favorite high-end hotels, and then for an added touch of texture, I will be adding grasscloth to the top of the picture frame molding already on the wall. 

Texture, pattern, and full-on coziness is in store for this guest room update! Stay tuned for weekly progress on the blog and Instagram. 

Guest Room Mockup One Room Challenge Guest Room Current Guest Room Current

Author: Cynthia

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