Darling’s Next Adventure: Introducing Duuz

Hello all! I write to you today to let you know that I am embarking on a new business, one that combines my professional career in compensation consulting, my Masters of Business, my Finance background, and my 5-year run as a professional influencer. Today I would like to introduce to you Duuz– the world’s first platform to help influencers and agencies price their work. 

Back in February of 2020, while sitting in my Collaborative Product Development class, I received an exciting offer to promote a product from a company I hadn’t worked with before. My first thought was “what is the appropriate amount to charge?” See, even as a full-time influencing professional, there is still a lack of resources for pricing jobs. 

This company was asking for a lot in exchange for product promotion as compensation and quite frankly I am tired of not having any resources at my disposal to help validate my pay scale. 

In the professional world, you have glassdoor. For influencers, you have antiquated CPM models and word of mouth from friends. Both of these models don’t capture the complexity nor the true value of what an influencer brings to the table. 

Hundreds of influencers profit off of their e-courses to help newbie influencers determine pay scale for projects, but again, this information should be out there for all to benefit, not closed off behind a steep pay wall. Statistics show that if all employees at a company were to share their salary with each other, the individual employee would be better off than if they had not shared their salary. 

The same concept applies to influencers. If we all have a safe and anonymous place to share our prices with each other for each campaign, we will all be better off in the long run. 

If you have talent, if you have an audience, you should be paid what you’re due. 

So after months of collecting data, testing concepts, presenting our project to the class, and receiving a stamp of approval from classmates, it was time to launch Duuz

I excitedly welcome you to help us collect more data. Our website, getyourduuz.com, will share a little more about the project and the goal of the platform. 

You can fill out a survey to be added to a waitlist here. Once you’re added to the waitlist, we will send you an email allowing you to record your previous work. Once we get to 400 lines of data, we can confidently open up our beta platform for usage. 

We’re halfway there so I need your help! 

Also, this platform is not only going to benefit influencers but the industry as a whole. While we were conducting interviews, we noted that many of the influencer campaign managers had a hard time setting prices for specific campaigns. If the agencies are equipped with better tools for what they need in campaigns, they will be able to hire the right talent for the job. 

I’m excited for this next step forward for influencers and agencies. I hope you join me in making sure that we influencers are paid what their due for campaigns. 


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Author: Cynthia

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