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Laissez les bons temps roulez! Today is Mardi Gras and a day full of celebration needs to start with a delicious (and nutritious) drink to kick off your festivities! Or if you’re a Broncos Fan chances are you are potentially still feeling the effects of celebrating the big win on Sunday, so you’re going to need a little hair of the dog to get you through the week. 

Had I not just started a new job on Monday I would probably be sipping on this right now, but unfortunately first impressions and smelling like spicy tomato juice doesn’t mix well. 

But what does mix well is Dixie Black Pepper Vodka and a healthy pour of Charleston Bloody Mary Mix
black pepper dixie vodka

I have to be honest and say that my first encounter with Bloody Mary’s was not a pleasant one. 

I was disgusted by the thought of tomato juice and vodka mixing together (which ironically I would combine V8 Splash and vodka throughout college, but that is a different story…) so I never gave Bloody Mary’s the proper attention until one fateful day in Savannah in October of 2012. 
black pepper dixie vodka This Bloody Mary was the Black Tap Milkshake of the Southern world stuffed to the brim with bacon, shrimp, okra, pickles, celery as long as your arm and came out dripping all over the floor and your table. 

While I can’t remember the name of the restaurant I do remember the pivotal moment in my life when I became a Bloody Mary Believer. 
black pepper dixie vodka The best thing about Bloody Mary’s is that once you find a good vodka and a good mix all you need are the fixin’s to make it yours and unique. black pepper dixie vodka After recently being introduced to Dixie Vodka’s Black Pepper vodka I knew instantly that I was going to have to pair it with my favorite Bloody Mary mix from Charleston

Plus a splash of pickle juice, a handful of olives, spicy okra and some limes to top it off. black pepper dixie vodka black pepper dixie vodka The great thing about the accoutrements for Bloody Marys: they are both delicious and a fun filling snack to munch on while preparing drinks for friends. 
black pepper dixie vodka

black pepper dixie vodka For The Perfect Bloody Mary You Will Need: 


Bloody Mary Mix (I like Charleston’s Brand

Dixie’s Black Pepper Vodka 

Pickle Juice 

Toppings: celery, olives, grilled shrimp, bacon, peppers, pickled onions, okra, limes, the kitchen sink, etc. 

To make: Mix 1 part vodka with 2 parts Bloody Mary mix and 2 tablespoons pickle juice. Stir with celery stick to combine, serve chilled over ice with a kabob stick of toppings. 

I love how smooth the Dixie Black Pepper Vodka was, the dangerous part was you couldn’t even taste “vodka” while drinking these. Definitely a vodka to keep in your rotation for special occasions. I’m going to go out on a limb and combine this with fruit for a cocktail this weekend. 

Even if it doesn’t turn out the best, it’s worth a shot!  

Author: Cynthia

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