DIY Idea: An Adult Easter Basket

Growing up, Easter was one of my favorite Holiday’s to look forward to because my mom always made us an Easter basket filled with the greatest candies. One year, I received an entire Easter basket filled with over 50 Cadbury Cream Eggs.

Total Score.

As I’ve grown up, the Easter baskets have waned from sweets filled to useful items, which my waistline appreciates. Here’s what you should put in an adult Easter basket.

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When you’re putting together an adult Easter basket, make sure you play to the person’s interests and adhere to any food aversions they may have. As a general rule of thumb, I like to capture a few senses in one Easter basket and fill it with things that will have multiple hours/days/months of use.

How to Make an Adult Easter Basket


One: Fill it with High-Quality Candles

Candles are a little bit of luxury that you can add to every room and my favorite brand for gender neutral and pleasant scents is Candlefish. We have a location here in Atlanta so we are fortunate enough to pop in to pick up some whenever we want, but if you haven’t visited Candlefish yet to get your own scent card, my top recommendations are: No. 18 (Fresh Air, Water Lillies, Jasmine), No. 53 (Honeysuckle, Magnolia, Jasmine, Powder), No. 62 (Lilac, Rose Heliotrope and Musk), and No. 71 (Nectarine, Violet Petals, White Cashmere).

Two: A Top-Shelf Wine

If your recipient likes wine, give them a gift of a bottle of wine they wouldn’t normally buy themselves of a variety they like. My recommendations for affordable luxury wines are: Whispering Angel Rose, Field Recordings Chenin Blanc, Erath Pinot Noir, Veuve Clicquot Champagne, Luna Nuda Pinot Grigio, Catena Malbec, and Burke Cabernet Sauvignon.


Three: Upscale Salt

For the baker or the cook, the fancy spices are always a treat to cook with. I love using Jacobsen salt (one of the top souvenirs to bring back from Portland, OR) to finish off my chocolate chip cookies or season a delicious dinner.

Four: Beautiful Kitchen Linens

As a sucker for kitchen linens, I love being the giver and receiver of spectacular linens that look pretty and do their job for clean up. Find a few kitchen towels or some fabric napkins in your recipient’s kitchen color palette and include them in your adult Easter basket.

Five: Luxurious Skin and Hair Care

I was 100% influenced by a beauty blog to try Ranavat Botanics Mighty Majesty elixir, and it has been the greatest gift I treated myself to. The scent is a mixture of almond and jasmine and helps reduce frizz in your hair and you can rub some on your skin for a little body oil. I typically pump two pumps in my hand to smooth through my hair and then spread the excess on my arms and neck. It truly makes me feel like Indian royalty as they intended.

Six: Nostalgic Sweets & Treats

You can’t have an adult Easter basket without including some sweets! I stuffed some Cadbury chocolates and Snack Factory pretzels into a reusable mason jar so that whoever gets this basket still gets a taste of something sweet just like the good ol’ days! If you’ve whipped up our homemade Easter bark, you could put that in the jars as well! 

Don’t Forget the Basket! 

Make sure you offer the gifts up in a cute and reusable basket. I love the idea of storing them in a straw purse or a wooden crate like this one. 


There you have it! Something sweet, salty, fragrant and useful for you to fill in an Adult Easter basket.

I hope the Easter Bunny brings you one of these for the upcoming holidays!

Tell me, what would you like in your Adult Easter Basket?

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