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Ever since I moved into my apartment, I had been having issues finding the right desk for my home office. I had found my office chair at a thrift store (see this thrift store chair makeover here) and couldn’t find a desk that was the right size for the nook I was planning on converting into my office until I found this one.

Office Desk (under $200) || Office Chair || Monitor || Rose Gold Mousepad || Bluetooth Keyboard || Marble & Brass Lamp (under $60)

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Office Desk (under $200) || Office Chair || Monitor || Rose Gold Mousepad || Bluetooth Keyboard || Marble & Brass Lamp (under $60)

Like most apartments, I’m working on a cramped floor plan but unlike most, I have a lot of nooks carved out throughout the apartment with one in my bedroom being the perfect nook for my office setup. Once I found the perfect desk to stash in the nook, I started looking for computer monitors to hook my laptop up to so that I could have a larger screen to work with.

I think you’ll notice that I didn’t go the traditional Mac screen for my home office, and trust me, part of my 8 months of office deliberation was whether or not I wanted to commit to a full Mac outside of my MacBook. Eventually, I decided that since I still work a full-time job and have the opportunity to work from home some days, I would get a high-resolution Dell computer monitor to hook my laptops up to- and I LOVE IT. The screen is really crisp and makes photo editing (and spreadsheets) more enjoyable. If you’re like me and considering to get a desktop for your home office but already have a laptop that you like, I would say why bother! You can get the same effect of purchasing a new operating system – like if I were to go full Mac- with a much cheaper option by just buying the monitor and an HDMI cable to hook it up with.

One thing that I really love about my desk is that the base is actually metal and after quick drawer assembly, all you need to do is set the glass top on and it suctions into place. Knowing this, I could easily change this top out with a real piece of marble, if I desire, in the future.

I added a couple of gold and rose gold touches like this stylish marble and gold table lamp and this rose gold mouse pad. I went with a traditional magic mouse for Apple and I bought an aluminum Bluetooth keyboard that’s compatible with Macs.

So- here is my small office! It’s a work in progress and I plan to have more of it finished in the near future. My next purchases will be some sort of filing cabinet system and maybe some more organizational pieces for the top plus some brass fixtures to adorn on the front of the drawer to make it easier to open. Overall pretty happy for my little home office nook that came together for under $700! 

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  • Gorgeous setting- and so nice to be right in front of a window!! If you don’t mind me asking, what area of town are you in? I am in Atlanta and live in the burbs but wanting to move in-town and would love an apartment with character (not like the standard boxy ones that are popping up everywhere)!

    Love your blog and glad I stumbled across it!