Favorite Fridge Organization Containers

I think we can all agree, a neatly organized space not only feels good but is addicting to look at. I envy the organizational bloggers out there who can quickly whip a space into shape and make it look instantly put together and chic. I’ve found that micro-organizing spaces give me the same feeling of seeing an entire space organized does, so I like tackling little jobs here and there. My favorite place to organize right now, the fridge! I thought it would be helpful to list some of my favorite fridge organization containers in case you were undergoing a project like this as well. 

Best Fridge Organization Items

I think it’s true that if you decant your fruits and veg when you get home from the grocery store, you’ll be more likely to eat them throughout the week. Plus, taking the fruits and veg out of their original container just makes the entire fridge look cohesive and as if it belongs together. My favorite fridge organization containers for fruits and veg are these ones that help keep produce fresh throughout the week. I’m big into reusable bags at the moment too and when I saw these, I knew I’d have to snag them for portable snacking opportunities. 

When it comes to fridge organization containers, I love using a variety of clear stacking containers to decant all of our pre-packaged goods, like yogurt and la Croix. These shapes are also great if you have kids in the house and need to create an assembly line for making lunch in the morning. Just line up a few pre-bagged sandwiches next to a fruit cup and a juice box and voila, you have a kid-friendly way to get lunch made in the morning. 

While there are a plethora of ways to organize your fridge, I always find having reusable containers help me see what I have in stock so that I can plan my next grocery trip accordingly. What are some of your favorite fridge organization containers to use? 

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