Favorite Printed Picnic Blankets

This summer may look a little different now that we’re all at home but that doesn’t mean that you have to be cooped up inside. I’ve been using this time to take every meal outside and have been getting a lot of use out of my favorite quilt-turned-picnic blanket for impromptu picnic outings. If you’re looking for a beautiful printed picnic blanket, I’ve rounded up some of the internets best quilts in this post. 

How to Pack for a Picnic How to Pack for a Picnic How to Pack for a Picnic

The best thing about a picnic is that it can be taken anywhere with a little bit of prep. You don’t have to limit a picnic to the one park you have access near you, you can just load up the car and head off in search of your perfect picnic area. My ideal picnicking spot is always in some grassy knoll without a soul in sight, preferably somewhere that the grass is long and lush and where the sun can warm you throughout the day. I’ve been told that my sun-soaking abilities are reminiscent of that of a lizard and I couldn’t agree more.  

For convenience, I typically walk over to one of my favorite parks in Atlanta and settle in for an afternoon of reading and snacking on tasty picnic treats, like these blueberry hand pies. 

A note about the prints, I’m drawn to Indian Block Print style so the majority of these are in that style, which means rich colors, intricate patterns but yet eternally classic and a style you’ll have to hand down to future generations. The nice thing about an Indian block print quilt is that they are generally reversible, meaning that you get two quilts in one. 

Bonus, all of these printed picnic quilts are machine washable and are decadent enough to swap out for your bedding at home. 

How to Pack for a Picnic

Printed Picnic Blankets 

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