Friendsmas Celebration

This year to celebrate a bit of Holiday cheer before the madness of packed Holiday Schedules hit in full force, I had some friends over to celebrate a little Friendsmas gathering for some Brunch and wreath making! 

Friendsmas Party

Photos by Dasha Crawford Photography 

Friendsmas Party

Friendsmas Party
Friendsmas Party Friendsmas PartyFriendsmas Party Friendsmas Party

Brunch is my favorite meal so it was a no-brainer that the food I was serving would revolve around some easy to eat Brunch foods. I served my a veggie filled quiche, some homemade brownie bites (as I write this sentence I realize that I haven’t shared my brownie recipe with y’all… It’s on the list for 2019!), skewers of pre-made pasta from Trader Joe’s, and some fruit for balance. 

Oh, plus tons of champagne from Le Grand Courtâge mixed into the most delicious citrus champagne punch

To keep things active, I had everyone participate in a little wreath making activity. I’ve seen my friend Amanda lead classes like this so she gave me the proper tips beforehand to do it on my own. It was actually really easy and a huge success! 

How to make a wreath: 

  1. You will need a wreath form, floral wire, floral snips, and lots of natural greenery. 
  2. Cut about 10-12 pieces of wire into 5-inch pieces. Then take 6 pieces greenery cut in 6-8 inch pieces and wrap with your wire, twisting to secure and leaving the ends loose. 
  3. Using the loose ends of the wire of your greenery, secure your greenery onto the wreath form and repeat until the entire form is complete. 


This was such a fun activity to do with friends, it’s amazing how creative everyone can be! 

Cheers and Happy Holidays! 

Author: Cynthia

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