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Last week I braved the Atlanta traffic and the incoming monsoon to head to the opening of the new Frye Flagship store in Ponce City Market. 

Upon seeing the store for the first time, I was extremely pleased with all the hassles I encountered to get to it. 
Frye AtlantaIt’s welcoming brocade of brick and iron greeted me with a warm smile from it’s floor to ceiling windows. Frye Atlanta

As soon as you walk in you need to #LookUp at the beautiful leather and horse harness rings that Frye Atlanta affectionately calls their “chandelier”, which is more like spectacular craftsman artwork. As an equestrian myself, this is one chandelier I wouldn’t mind seeing in my house. The chandelier has over 7000 leather straps that the employees all got to help hang before the store opened. Frye Atlanta Frye Atlanta Frye Atlanta Frye Atlanta The store itself boasts designs centered around the Vintage American Craftsman by incorporating details into the furniture, lighting and designing the shelves as a craftsman would have displayed his tools in his toolbox in the early 20th century. Frye Atlanta #FryeAtlanta A living, once-breathing, beautiful piece of leather artwork is how I would describe this store. #FryeAtlanta

Besides the gorgeous chandeleir welcoming you into the store, when you first arrive you are delighted by the warm aroma of rich leather goods. A smell that brings me back to younger days wandering the aisles of the tack store picking out saddles and bridles for the horse I told myself I’d buy in ten years. #FryeAtlanta

Unfortunately those ten years passed without a horse, but not without a great appreciation of fine leather goods and a knack for smelling out high quality leather products. 

I was undoubtedly excited to have my pick of the store to try on boots, oxfords and booties without any sideways glances from people wondering why that girl is sniffing the leather. 

As any equestrian can recall, the smell of leather is as intoxicating as a Hanoverian Hunter with a fresh spray of show sheen. 
#FryeAtlanta#FryeAtlanta#FryeAtlantaI immediately started picking out shoes and booties I had eyed on the site to try on in the store. 
#FryeAtlanta #FryeAtlanta After trying on the Parker Oxford, the Laurie Monk Heel and the Jenny Belted Over The Knee Boots, I made my way over to their classic Melissa style and picked out a couple to try on.  #FryeAtlanta#FryeAtlanta

 As no surprise, the Melissa Button Back zip ended up being my favorite pair since they reminded me so much of my riding boots at home and were just as comfortable. 

I desperately wanted the Amy Shopper and am kicking myself for not snagging it that day. I did however get my fiancĆ© a lovely laptop case for work that all of his coworkers oogled-and oggled over on his last business trip. 

Frye’s most outstanding quality is their commitment to excellence. As a household namesake since 1863, they’ve made it their mission to produce the most outstanding quality leather products for consumers. When you buy a leather product from a flagship store you are guaranteed a 2 year warranty for any manufacturer’s issues you may encounter. They will fix and repair your boots for free during that time due to a broken tab or if a zipper comes undone. Frye’s boots aren’t just pretty, they are an investment and I can’t wait to style mine for you this fall; but since it’s still summer I’m still going to wear sandals and loafers until the weather cools down some more. 

What’s your favorite thing about Frye? Have you been to their new Ponce City Market location yet? 

xoxo- Cynthia 

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