Grasscloth Parlor Reveal

I have never been happier with the result of a project quite like this. After a mishap with ordering too little of the grasscloth and finally finishing the install, I can honestly say- it was worth the effort. This modern traditional parlor is better than I could have ever imagined it and I’m looking forward to sharing the final photos with you. But first, a trip down memory lane. 

Before Photos || Renderings 

If you found this blog post via pinterest, you can see the detailed before photos and renderings above but I’d be happy to share some looks here as well to catch you up to speed. We renovated our 100-year-old condo in 2019 so she was already starting with good bones. The parlor is one of our favorite rooms in the house and it’s where we spend mornings with coffee and entertain our friends for dinner parties. Our before was really not bad at all- just lacking a little charm. 

One of my most beloved rooms in our home renovation was the half bath, the cheeky wallpaper is so unique and so fitting for a craftsman condo that was built during the art deco period. It’s the mix of quirk and classic that inspired the parlor transformation. I wanted to channel that glitz & glamour of yore with the refined classicism of craftsman architecture. Enter- grasscloth and gilded touches as seen in this rendering below. 


Then there was making this whole project a reality. I priced everything out, made a plan, and got to work. 

Luckily at the same time, thanks to being a part of the One Room Challenge, Calico Corners wanted to supply the textiles for the job. 


It was crazy, I was able to find nearly every textile I needed from my rendering at their store (insert shocked face emoji). The range of products they have available are perfect for anyone looking to zhush up some of their spaces. Finally, the reveal you’ve all been waiting for. The beauty of the grasscloth mixed with modern and traditional furniture is a combo I will carry with us whenever we find our next home. 

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Thanks to Calico Corners for contributing all of the textiles for this project to be successful. See a full list of what we used below: 

Grasscloth (c/o Calico Corners)

Curtain Fabric (c/o Calico Corners) 

Curtain Rod (c/o Calico Corners) 

Kennedy Debate Chair Velvet Fabric (c/o Calico Corners) 

Brass Switchplate Covers 

Art (made myself) 

Coffee Table (facebook marketplace find) similar, similar 

Rug (etsy find) bought from this etsy seller 

Green Velvet Pillowcase 

Schumaker Pillowcase 

Horse Pillowcase 

Marble Tablelamps (facebook marketplace find) 

Mantle Mirror (facebook marketplace find) 

Marble Drink Table (estate sale find) similar, similar 

Marble Drink Table (estate sale find) similar, similar 

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