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This post was written in partnership with Burt’s Bees. If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning, you know how much I love their tinted lip balms, so all opinions forthcoming are my own.

I’m a gift giver. Ever since I can remember, I was always making cookies, packaging a drawing or waking up early to go shopping on Black Friday for a gift my friends and family would love. As my social circle has grown, so has my gift buying list which has left me getting more creative with my gifting opportunities. I think one of the hardest groups of people to shop for is the coworker. One of my favorite gifts, wine, is obviously out, so I’ve started lingering longer at Target when doing my Holiday shopping.

Miraculously, and this is a true story, one time I went into Target for ONE thing and came out with said ONE thing. It was packing tape and I was moving, so really, I had no excuse to buy new dish towels or peruse the home décor area because I didn’t need to cram another box to its breaking point. I did however spend an hour and a half hemming and hawing over whether or not I needed those extra items, but my will power prevailed and I left the store with just packing tape.

Most of my shopping trips to Target are planned intentionally that I may find something that I want but don’t need and spend 20 minutes in my head creating a totally reasonable and logically sound excuse for why my want has turned into a need before hitting the checkout aisle.


This past trip had just that occurrence. I was in the beauty area stocking up on necessities- cotton balls, mascara, my favorite perfume, and then I stumbled upon the most willpower distracting section: Burt’s Bees. I started perusing through my favorite tinted lip balms until I saw the greatest pre-packaged gift sets, and it hit me, I can start buying gifts for coworkers now! It’s never too early to bring some Holiday cheer home and add to my stash of “ambiguous gifting opportunities” box that I have with the pure intention that these will be going to my female coworkers.



There were two gift sets that I was initially drawn to: The Naturally Soft Hands and the Face Essentials, two gift sets I hadn’t seen at any other store (later learning these are exclusive only to Target stores was just another justifying reason these were a need versus a want). I think we can all agree, like the Christmas Candle, sometimes it’s a hit or miss when buying body lotion or personal care items for coworkers but with all things that I consider high quality, I don’t feel like Burt’s Bees falls into the “miss” category. They are natural luxury products at an affordable price. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have a jar of lip salve or a travel-sized bottle of Burt’s Bees lotion in their purse, so I knew this would be the perfect gift for the hard to buy for.  And, there were plenty of other Burt’s Bees products to choose from that I could throw in as little “bonuses” with the gift sets (…or keep for myself) like the multi-pack of tinted lip balm that I scooped up!

In true Cynthia fashion, I used my unplanned gifting purchase opportunity to bust out the Christmas wrapping, turn on some Christmas movies, and get to work wrapping my gifts for those I’ve intended to receive them! The perfect “I appreciate you” type of gift for a coworker, which is exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for – you’ve done it again, Target!


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