Low Mess Greenery Ideas to Add Natural Touch to Your Christmas Decor

Bringing the beauty of evergreen Christmas trees into your home for the Holidays doesn’t have to come with a mess. We love how real the look of our artificial Christmas tree from Balsam Hill looks decked for the Holidays and we love that there is no mess to clean up afterward. There is no reason you shouldn’t have beautiful greenery around your home without adding to the clutter by using natural greenery accents instead. If you’re looking for some ways to make your artificial greenery seem more alive, here are five of ways to add natural touches to your Christmas Decor. 

How to Add Natural Greenery to Christmas Decor

As A Tree Topper 

As seen here, we love replacing a traditional tree topper with this Eucalyptus crown. Recreate this look by buying dried Eucalyptus and sticking it into the head of the tree at an angle. Repeat all the way around and vary the height for a unique way to top your tree. 

As Tree Filling 

Use a mix of eucalyptus, dried flowers and dried fruit on a garland to fill in some of the spaces of your tree. We like using a lot of eucalyptus to mimic the smell of a traditional Christmas tree and our dried flowers from Thanksgiving (like these Grace Rose Farm roses) add a beautiful natural touch to this artificial fir. 

As Garland Decor 

If you have an artificial garland, use some of those leftover roses and eucalyptus for filler in your garland as well. We love alternating between silver dollar eucalyptus and baby blue eucalyptus to add some texture to our Christmas decor. 

Traditional Southern Christmas Decor

Make a Small Wreath from Trimmings 

If you have artificial wreaths around the house, it’s great to mix it up with a small wreath you’ve made yourself from tree trimmings. Simply use a wreath form (like this) or fashion a wire hanger into a circle and hot glue your tree clippings onto the form in a circular shape. Secure a ribbon for a finishing touch. 

Use Herbs for Table Garnishes

Our favorite hack to tap your senses is furnishing your table with fresh herbs! If you have a rosemary bush, trim some of the stalks off to add as a natural table runner or fashion them into a little wreath for nametag decor for guests. It’s an easy way to add fragrant, fresh greens to your table with minimal mess and maximum impact for your Christmas Decor.

Hope you’re able to use these tips around your home for the holidays. If you need additional inspiration, check out our Holiday content here

Author: Cynthia

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