Guide to Tailgating

It’s the most wonderful time of the year- and no I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about college football! It’s time to dust off your sports jerseys and get your slanderous rivalry cheers prepped because college football kicks off this weekend! Whether you cheer for the SEC, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac12 and more, I wanted to put together a guide to tailgating that covers everything you need to prep for this season and a little inspiration to help you make it the best tailgate yet! 

Ultimate Guide to Tailgating

In this guide, you’ll find some inspiration on what to wear, what kind of food to serve, and how to style your tailgate area. I’ve partnered with Callies Hot Little Biscuit in Atlanta to bring you an impressive food spread, plus whipped up a couple of my own creations, like these Tom Collin’s Twists, a classic bloody mary recipe, and a fun sweet treat to serve as well. 

Ultimate Guide to TailgatingUltimate Guide to TailgatingUltimate Guide to Tailgating

So why did I pick Georgia Tech you may ask? 

While SEC Rivalries run as deep as the Hatfield & McCoys, I knew that I would be towing a fine line of offending someone if their SEC team wasn’t featured. While I personally am an Auburn fan (War Eagle), I didn’t want the other teams to disassociate from the inspiration because of the tiger decor. So I chose a school outside of the SEC, Georgia Tech. I also wanted an authentic college backdrop which we were able to access since Georgia Tech is such close proximity to us in Midtown, ATL. Not to mention when your boyfriend lets you borrow his vintage college sweater, you want to work that into your decor somehow! 

So even though the color scheme of Georgia Tech may not fit your exact college’s decor, I hope you find inspiration here to adapt to your college of choice. The themes are still the same: serve them good food, serve them great drinks, dress the part, and create a functional tailgating area. 

Flip through the guide to tailgating below or view the full-screen version here. Enjoy! 



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