Holiday Makeup Inspiration with 100% Pure Makeup

With the Holidays quickly approaching, everyone is busy planning outfits, meals and even trips but one thing people tend to forget to plan is their makeup! At the end of a busy day and in between Holiday Errands, it can be easy to forget to add a little sparkle and shine to your typical makeup routine.

Holiday Hairstyles

With a little help from my favorite All Natural Makeup Company, 100% Pure, I’m bringing you a Holiday look that will take you from Christmas shopping to eating Latkes by candle light and even cheers-ing with your besties on NYE.

As you guys recall from Instagram and past posts, if there’s something I’m obsessed with it’s 100% Pure’s All Natural makeup.

Little Back Story.. 

For years in college and before that I used cheap drugstore makeup and then even upgraded for a while to Bare Minerals. Well, my complexion was never spectacular so I loaded up on more makeup and thought maybe just needed a little more concealer. Then one day I found an article on Pinterest that said all the crap they put in makeup is causing uneven skin tones, breakouts, and even eczema in some people! So I ditched the chemicals and googled “Best All Natural Makeup” and BOOM landed on 100% Pure!

I’ve been using it for about 2 years now and my complexion has completely transformed. I no longer have excessively red and dry skin, and I don’t get weird breakouts like I used to. To say that 100% pure is to praise for my change of skin complexion is an understatement. They are responsible for transforming my skin completely!

So 100% Pure sent me their new Pomegranate lipstick line to test out for the past two weeks and I’ve had so much fun playing “dress up” with their new line. I’ve put together a quick (and quirky) pictorial for you on my Holiday Makeup Routine! You’ll be camera-ready in no time!

Holiday Makeup Inspiration

* The tip to great makeup is clean, exfoliated skin that’s been moisturized and has a good primer base.
3) Setting Powder- crucial to keeping you from getting shiny
4) Contour Cheekbones and Nose
6) Highlight Cheekbones
11) Mascara
12) Fill in Eyebrows
13) Sweet & Girly with Dandelion | Top 3 favorite color
14) Sophisticated Nude with Calendula
15) Be-U-Tiful with Narcissus | Top 3 favorite color
16) Natural Nude with Foxglove
17) Pretty in Pink with Magnolia
18) The Perfect Holiday Red with Poppy | Top 3 favorite color
19) An Ode to Summer in Melon
20) High-Class PInk in Primrose


I really can’t decide which color is my favorite. Each is so unique and the colors are so vibrant! What I love about this product (which others may not like) is that the pigments are so rich it leaves a nice little stain on your lips once all the lipstick has worn off. I failed forgot to wash this off one night and woke the next morning with a lovely pinkish stain left of my lips.

These lipsticks are made with Pomegranate oil and shea butter (the first two ingredients in the list) which have super anti-aging and intense moisturizing properties to keep your lips wrinkle free and soft during these colder months. No synthetic chemicals, synthetic dyes, chemical preservatives or any other toxins, so your pretty little lips aren’t being smothered in scary toxins like lead, cadmium and aluminum (proof) in conventional lip products. The worst thing you could possibly have too much of in your body is lead. A known neurotoxin, lead can lead to serious developmental issues and cancer.

So skip the scary and join the natural side of things with 100% Pure! Not only are these products fantastic in coverage but you’re also getting great skin benefits for using vitamin-rich, vegan and organic makeup products!

If you want to check what’s new with 100% Pure check on their Instagram and also the New Arrivals page!

Below from left to right: Dandelion, Magnolia, Foxglove, Melon, Calendula, Narcissus, Primrose and Poppy.


Oh, and did I mention they have the kiss-able seal of approval?

Have you tried any 100% Pure products yet?

xoxo- Cynthia

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