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The worst thing about moving is without question moving the massive pieces of furniture. The essential pieces of furniture that make a home livable. Add to the inconvenience of moving but if you end up moving for a short period of time, say for school or work, the annoyance of moving increases exponentially because you have to move again when your time there is up. So now that I’m back in school for a short amount of time I am so glad I found out about CORT Furniture Rental so I can own my life and not have to worry about hauling furniture around the country with me. 

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As mentioned above, moving the big pieces of furniture are the worst parts of a move but the most necessary to make a home feel livable. If I had known about CORT Furniture Rental when I was in undergrad, my yearly moves could have been way less cumbersome. 

CORT Furniture Rental has an array of furniture for you to rent for whatever life situation is thrown your way. They have a ton of stylish pieces, like these green chairs you guys loved on Instagram, and this amazing couch for significantly less than buying the pieces outright. 

The nice part is that CORT Furniture Rental delivers and removes the pieces at the beginning and end of your term. So if you know you’re showing up for school on August 17th, you can schedule your furniture to arrive that day as well. It allows you to prioritize packing the important things, like the rug you love, without the hassle of finding new furniture to fit your space. 

So was CORT Furniture Rental worth the price? Absolutely. We furnished our entire living room for a whole season without spending as much as buying the pieces outright and we loved having the service people move the furniture in and out of our space. If you’re embarking on temporary living space and need furniture, I highly recommend CORT Furniture Rental to help you fill the corners of your home. 

Author: Cynthia

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