Everything You Need for a No-Excuses Home Gym

As the former Queen of excuses for working out, I know a thing or two about how to avoid a workout ranging from temperature related excuses to “I’m too busy with something important”. It wasn’t until I was working at my previous company when the gym downstairs opened my eyes to how easy it was to have an effective workout without all of the expensive equipment or expensive membership fees. These are a few pieces of equipment you need to have a no excuses home gym experience. 

Everything You Need for a No Excuses Home Gym

One: Three levels of weights

My rule of thumb is that you should double your weight from your smallest size. I recommend a 2-pound weight for high-rep low impact moves such as this arm workout, then move to a 5-pound weight, and finally finish off with a 10-pound weight. If you have experience with working out and need heavier weights, take the doubling method mentioned above and apply that to your weight increments. Having a variety of weights helps eliminate the excuse factor that you can’t do XYZ arm workout because you only have one set of dumbbells. 

These are my favorite weights to use at home 

Two: a Yoga Mat 

When was the last time you cleaned your floors? Just think about that the next time you plan on doing crunches on your carpet. Yoga mats are essential to not only provide a bit of protection for your joints on hard surfaces but it also protects you from germs. Plus if the opportunity arises to take a local workout class, you’re prepped and ready without having to use the community equipment. Don’t forget to give your yoga mat a proper cleaning every so often. 

Pick up one of these yoga mats 

Three: Resistance Bands

If you don’t want to drop the money on weights, resistance bands offer a great alternative to traditional weights. They come in different “resistance weights” and can help you tone and sculpt your muscles with targeted moves. We love these resistant band workouts on Pinterest!  

These resistance bands are just what you need

Four: An Exercise Ball

There are a couple of different exercise ball varieties that you can choose from, from the traditional to a BOSU ball and an exercise ball chair, all of them have options for your level of workout experience. My absolute favorite piece of workout equipment is the BOSU ball. I am able to perform modified megaformer-esque moves at home or include a stability element for my bicep curls. These are my favorite BOSU ball moves and these are my favorite traditional exercise ball moves. 

Try these varieties of exercise balls 

Hopefully, this helps your quest to create a no-excuses home gym for under $100. The advantage of having a home gym is great for those who are looking for easy ways to fit a workout into their schedule. 

Everything You Need for a No Excuses Home Gym


Author: Cynthia

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