6 Effortless Tips to Host a Spring Brunch with Taittinger Champagne

Spring is the perfect time to dust off your quiche recipe, make a strawberry dessert, and open a few bottles of Taittinger Champagne for an outdoor spring brunch party. Whether you’re hosting for two or twenty, these tips will help you host a spring brunch with ease this coming season.

How to Host a Spring Brunch with Taittinger Champagne

Get Your Home Ready for Brunch

Make your home welcoming for guests. If you want to be a great host, make sure your house is clean when friends and family arrive. Put on something sunny, like “Brunch Jazz” from Spotify, to create the right mood. Light some candles in the bathroom with a flowery scent (we like this one from Candlefish). Make sure everything is tidy and organized so that friends feel comfortable and welcomed as soon as they walk in. 

Buy Spring Flowers

As the host of a spring brunch, you can’t skip out on buying some spring blooms. They’re a quintessential part of any spring gathering and add an element of romance and beauty to your event. For spring, opt for brightly colored flowers like daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths–they’re inexpensive and available in plenty during Spring. 

Tulips also hold up well in vases. Arrange them in clusters of three for a simple but elegant look. Place the bouquets strategically around your gathering–they’ll brighten up any space while adding visual interest.

How to Host a Spring Brunch with Taittinger Champagne

Make a Menu and Meal Plan

Now that we’ve established the mood and setting for your brunch, it’s time to think about the menu.

To start, make a shopping list of everything you need. While you are at it, make a schedule of what you will cook and when. This way, nothing will get cold while you are chatting with friends or putting the finishing touches on another dish. For example, if you plan on baking scones or muffins from scratch in the morning before guests arrive, decide exactly how much time each step will take so that they can be hot out of the oven once everyone has arrived.

Once your shopping list has been drafted, check that your menu is balanced: If there is an extra-large entrée portion (for example, several types of quiche), offer a smaller side such as mini canapes or yogurt parfaits. 

How to Host a Spring Brunch with Taittinger Champagne strawberry cream cake recipe

Prepare the House and Set the Table the Day Before You Host Brunch

Make sure you have enough cutlery, dishes, glasses, and napkins for your guests the day before. Set out serving dishes and utensils in your buffet area. Write a menu and put it in a visible spot so you don’t forget anything on the morning of your brunch.

Once you’ve prepped your house, set the table. Make sure to include champagne flutes if you’re using Taittinger, as well as plates, flatware, and napkins. If you want to make it really fun for your guests, try setting up a small bar area with various garnishes for drinks (like lemon wheels or strawberry wedges). You may find that having a drink buffet near the breakfast table would be perfect for keeping the table from getting overfilled. 

How to Host a Spring Brunch with Taittinger Champagne

How to Host a Spring Brunch with Taittinger Champagne

How to Host a Spring Brunch with Taittinger Champagne

strawberry cream cake recipe

Start Cooking Two Hours Before Guests Arrive

Begin cooking two hours before guests are expected to arrive. The last thing you want to do when hosting is stress about your menu, so start with what will take the longest—you can always pull food out of the oven earlier if it’s ready before your guests arrive. 

Spring brunch menu-friendly items include quiche, puff pastry finger bites, cucumber sandwiches, and a fresh strawberry cake. Most can be prepared the day before and pulled out of the fridge as guests arrive. 

How to Host a Spring Brunch with Taittinger Champagne

You can host a spring brunch easily with the right champagne and plan ahead.

Elaborate events, such as a spring brunch, can seem intimidating to host. But hosting any event—from a small brunch for six to a large party for 30—is simply about planning and organization.

Hosting an event is always easier when you are organized and have planned every aspect of your event ahead of time. If you want to host a themed brunch, think about the theme in advance so that it’s easy to tie into all the elements of your event and make them flow together. Think about serving seasonal foods or cocktails that incorporate fresh produce available during this season. 

If you’re not sure where to start with planning your spring brunch menu, we’ve created these asparagus puff pastry carrots, a spring veggie quiche, and a strawberry cake that appeals to all palates and pair perfectly with Taittinger Champagne.

We love using Taittinger Champagne for brunches because of its light and refreshing taste that allows it to pair perfectly with a variety of dishes for breakfast. This bubbly helps set the mood that you’re in for a truly delicious spring brunch feast. The bubbles pair excellently with the mellow and soft flavors of spring-like strawberry, leek, and even help highlight the sweetness in asparagus. 

puff pastry carrots appetizer How to Host a Spring Brunch with Taittinger Champagne

Whether you’re hosting a Spring brunch for the holidays or just a general weekend celebration, keep the décor floral, keep the menu easy to prepare ahead of time, and keep plenty of Taittinger on hand for the occasion.

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