How to Host a Holiday Fondue Party

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I have a serious question, why did cheddar fondue go out of fashion? I mean think about it: it’s the year-round, un-themed version of queso, yet you rarely see people fondu-ing at home! This holiday season, I’m proposing to bring back the cheddar fondue which is why I hosted a little Holiday fondue party the other night. As always, I’m using my favorite cheddar from Tillamook and pairing it with Decoy Merlot and Decoy Pinot Noir, two perfectly bodied wines for the cheddar fondue! 

cheddar fondue recipe fondue party

Now I asked earlier why fondue fell out of fashion and I guess the answer would be that the fondue pot is kind of a cumbersome uni-tasker in the kitchen that didn’t get much use or maybe you’d lose a few of the specialty fondue forks and the entire operation was thrown off balance!

To fix that, I found that using Tillamook’s sharp and medium cheddar cheeses and turning it into a bechamel, you can make it in any pot you own and then serve directly from there. 

cheddar fondue recipe

I’ve probably said it a hundred times on here, but Tillamook’s Cheddar is the best cheddar I’ve ever used for cooking. When it melts, it stays melty. The fat content is really high (because they have the happiest cows I’ve ever met) and that fat content means meltier cheese, which means better fondue. Tillamook cheddar i naturally aged too which means you get the right amount of sharpness, perfect for a heavy appetizer like fondue. I’m sharing the recipe to recreate this 5-minute fondue at the bottom! 

Now a holiday party wouldn’t be a holiday party without some and I like to elevate my occasions with some fantastic wines from Decoy! I am a huge fan of their Merlot, so I knew that the Pinot Noir and the Cabernet Sauvignon would be big hits at our holiday fondue party. 

cheddar fondue recipe fondue party

If you’re looking for a good variety of wines to serve at any holiday party, I definitely recommend grabbing Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, they are the go-to palate pleasers for a crowd! And for this occasion, they pair perfectly with our cheddar fondue. Celebrations start with good wine after all. 

I challenge you to rethink your wine and cheese pairing with a fun and interactive fondue party! Your friends and family will love the rich Tillamook fondue paired with the amazing red wines from Decoy! 

cheddar fondue recipe

Tillamook Cheddar Fondue
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
10 mins

This luscious cheddar fondue is perfect for holiday gatherings!

Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cheddar cheese, fondue
Servings: 12
  • 8 TBSP unsalted butter
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 2-3 cups whole milk room temperature
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes optional
  • salt & pepper to taste 2 to 1 ratio
  • 8 ounces Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese shredded
  • 8 ounces Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese shredded
  1. In a medium saucepan, melt the butter completely and whisk in the flour to make a roux. Allow the roux to cook for about 2 minutes while continuously stirring.

  2. Add the milk a little at a time, whisking constantly, allowing the mixture to blend and thicken slowly. This will take about 5 minutes.

  3. Once it's cooked through, add your nutmeg, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper. Whisk to combine.

  4. Add your Tillamook Cheddar cheeses to the mix and melt until completely incorporated.

  5. Remove from heat, and serve immediately with accouterments to dip like apples, bread, broccoli, tomatoes, and grapes.

Author: Cynthia

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