Fall Gardening with Cool Wave Pansies

As soon as the first leaf hits the ground, I’m ready to embrace all the “fall y’all” things to do. One of those things is revamping my planters in my container garden. I generally turn to beautiful shades of yellows, oranges, and mauves to invoke autumn on the patio before the leaves officially turn. This year, I wanted to kick off Fall by hosting a planter class in partnership with one of my favorite garden companies, Cool Wave Pansies, at our favorite location in historic Marietta, the William Root House. 

How to Make a Fall Planter

Cool Wave provided us with the most gorgeous array of deep purple, yellow, and white pansies. These hearty little flowers thrive in partial to full sun and do great in planters. I love using Cool Wave Pansies because not only do they spread out while they take root, but they also spill over the container edges a little bit. Not to mention, they’re easy to maintain and thrive in the changing seasons. 

If you haven’t read my post on the rules of creating a window flower box, the same applies to planters- you need a thriller, a spiller, and a filler- to create balance and interest in your container garden. 

Luckily, the pansies take care of the spiller and filler so the only thing left to add was a thrilling middle element. We went with beautiful cabbage-looking greenery to add a bit of texture and when they bloom, produce a tall purple flower at the top. 

Whether you’re a newbie to container planting or a seasoned vet, I swear by using Miracle Grow Moisture Control Soil for planters. It really helps take the guesswork out of whether you’re over or underwatering. The majority of early-onset plant death (or brown thumb disease as I call it) is fussing too much with moisture control in containers. It’s also good to make sure you plant something in a pot with a hole at the bottom for extra drainage. 

The fall planter class welcomed 20 readers and kicked off bright and early one crisp morning. The William Root House in Historic Marietta was the perfect setting to spread some dirt around with Cool Wave. Guests found out about the workshop by signing up for my email list and following me on Instagram, so if you want to join an event in the future, make sure to follow along so you can attend the next one! 

At the end of the class, everyone was able to take their planter (and an adorable adult Lunchable from char-cute-irie) home and enjoy the start of fall! Whether you’re looking to zhush up your planters or garden beds for fall, Cool Wave is going to bring long-lasting color to your fall project. 

Thanks to Cool Wave for sponsoring this event and providing such generous gift baskets for the attendees! I can’t wait to host an event like this again in the future. For more gardening inspiration from Cool Wave, visit www.wavegardening.com

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