How to Pack for a Weekender

When it comes to overpacking, I had been the worst offender of my friends. However, over this past year of traveling, I’ve amended the how and the what I pack so that my bags are lighter and I pack more efficiently to make sure I’m not bogged down (literally) on my weekend travels. I used these tips when I left for Naples Florida for an extended weekend and in an effort to stick true to my packing list, I’ve partnered with Vera Bradley to bring you 3 travel tips to help you lighten your load next time you hit the road!

How to Pack for a Weekend Trip


Number one: have a bag with a lot of compartments. I love the iconic weekend duffle because it enables me to pack my sandals in on the side so that I don’t have to worry about my shoes dirtying my other clothes. One thing that I’m always cautious of with traveling is making sure that my shoes have their own area. I never understood why my parents were always so anti-shoe in the house when I was growing up until I started having to clean my wood floors too- we track in a lot of dirt from outside on our shoes and I don’t want that getting all over my freshly washed clothes for vacation!

To see my other two travel tips, head over to the Vera Bradley blog and see what is essential for me to stay organized during travel! 

How to Pack for a Weekender

Author: Cynthia

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