How to Style a Console Table

What’s the first thing you do when you enter your home? Take off your shoes? Drop your keys on the console table? Hang your coat up? Chances are, whatever action you do as you enter your home you have a console table there to welcome you. For those who are looking for a console table that is functional and stylish, I’m going to show you how to style a console table with the help of my friends from All Modern. 

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If you aren’t familiar with All Modern, it’s a fantastic online resource that features a variety of modern home decor accents. Our home is styled traditionally yet modern, so when I found this console table online I knew it was the perfect piece for our entryway. 

Truth be told, I’m quite new to home decorating. I’m in that stage of my life where I want to buy for forever, not just for the moment, which is why I love All Modern to fit those needs. The pieces are quality, and while they do skew towards the modern look, they will work for a variety of years to come and I can trust that they will hold up. 

I’ve styled this console two ways but the themes remain the same: height + layers + texture + depth = a well-styled console table. 

So for those who came here and are wondering just how to style a console table, here are some tips: 

One) Add some height 

Console tables are generally 30-36″ tall which means you have a lot of negative (blank) space to work with at eye level. For this, I recommend layering art. The back piece of art is one I made myself (it’s actually a food photography backdrop but looks really good here so I’ve left it) and in the front, I’ve put prints in neutral frames. One is a print I found on Etsy of a vintage champagne poster and the other is two black and white prints from Juniper Print Shop. 

Two) Add Layers in 3’s

Notice how in the height tip there are two to three layers of art? Make sure you keep that layering theme going for the rest of your decor pieces. Adding books? Layer them in 3’s. Adding vintage elements? Layer them in 3’s. Layering in 3’s helps bring balance to a square object. 

Three) Work with different Textures 

Adding layers of texture is how you turn a common scene into an interior designer set! Notice how in each styled set there are 3 layers of texture? Rough (from the raffia drawer fronts and the white artwork), soft (from the floral touches), and glossy (from the table and the metallic shine from the lamp). Adding different layers of texture helps create dimension and interest. 

Four) Depth of layers 

If you look at this console, there is a 3-D element even from the photo because I have built depth into the layers and they don’t sit on the same plane. I could have pushed these decor items all toward the back, but that would make the console look boring. Working with smaller objects and larger objects to stagger where they sit on the console will bring visual interest for styling. 

The fun thing about styling a console is that you don’t have to have a lot of items to make it interesting so long as you remember to add height, work in layers, work with different textures and create depth for your layers. If you have any questions or want a hand on how to style, shot me an email or leave a comment below. 

If you’re looking for great modern furniture, be sure to check out All Modern for their wide selection! 

Author: Cynthia

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