I Ditched My Daily Makeup Routine – Here’s How

Warning: A lot of selfies are coming up in this post. 

Going makeup free every day (especially in client meetings) is a pretty terrifying thought for me. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, I have mentioned a couple of times about my mild rosacea. I had always wondered why my face stayed excessively red after an intense workout (I’m talking 2-4 hours post workout), or why my cheeks were constantly flushed looking, well it turns out rosacea is the cause. The problem with mild rosacea is it inevitably leads to full-blown rosacea and needs to be maintained now to prevent it from getting worse in the future. With the help of Aya Med Spa’s treatments, I’m sharing with you how to treat rosacea so you can ditch your daily makeup routine too. PS Aya Med Spa wants you to look your best too so use the code “DARLING20” to receive 20% off any treatment! 

As of this date, I have had 1 IPL (intense pulse light) treatment, multiple facials and was finally excited to try to the BBL or Halo Laser at Aya Med Spa. This laser has a wide range of frequencies that the light pulses at to target different pigments in the skin. Whether you’re suffering from brown spots or redness, there is a setting that will help you get the customized results you need. Lynn, my nurse, targeted my red areas and a few brown spots that were popping up from early sun exposure.

This picture is me before the treatment. You can see the red on my chin, nose, and cheeks. 
How to treat rosacea

Before the treatment starts, the nurse will numb your skin with a numbing cream and it feels much like novocaine at the dentist’s office. This takes about 30 minutes and the treatment starts once you are completely numb. I will say, if you don’t have a high pain tolerance, you’ll probably be more agitated by this laser treatment than I was. 

I barely noticed any discomfort until we go to the bridge of my nose when it was definitely more “zingy” as Lynn called it and left a tingling feeling. She explained that this was because of two things: one, the lack of fat in the bridge of your nose so there is nothing to absorb the intense light, and two, it’s where the most “damage” is to the skin. 

More damage, more intense light, more pain. 

But again, I wouldn’t describe this as pain, just more like someone flicking a rubber band at your face at close range. 

How to treat rosaceaHow to treat rosacea

In the two photos above the one of the left is the before photo and the right is after the treatment. You can see some areas where there is more redness on the left, which means the light targeted deeper in the skin to penetrate the damage. 

I left with a couple of my favorite items from Revision Skincare to continue the gentle care of my skin after the treatment. You shouldn’t use anything with activated ingredients on your skin for a week after treatment because it can cause extreme irritation, case, and point by my next photo. 
Revision Skincare

Best Revision Products: Papaya Enzyme Cleanser || Soothing Facial Rinse || Black Mask || Finishing Touch Scrub || Vitamin C Serum 

How to treat rosaceaHere I foolishly used the salicylic acid facewash that was in my shower instead of grabbing myPapaya Enzyme Cleanser to clean my face. My skin immediately reacted against it and broke out worse then I’ve ever experienced in my life. My skin stayed rough and bumpy for almost a week afterward. Take this as a lesson, don’t be lazy and follow the doctor’s directions. 


How to treat rosacea

But after it was all said and done and my face cleared up, I stopped wearing BB Cream or anything on my skin. I can honestly say the above photo is me without a trace of cover-up on but with just a small swipe of blush. I cannot believe how well the Sciton BBL laser worked on my skin and I truly LOVE the results that I see now. The only thing you’ll find me wearing on my skin most days is SPF and some mascara.

There may be a few more wrinkles than when I was 17 but I can truthfully say my skin looks just as good as when I was 17 and I’m glad that I have found how to treat rosacea now so that I can prevent it from getting worse in the future. 

If you don’t have mild rosacea, the Sciton BBL laser treatment is also great for anyone who wants a more even skin tone and stimulates collagen production. Whether you’re trying to eliminate sun damage or discoloration, it can help you get customized results that will lead you to be makeup free. 

Thank you Aya Med Spa who has helped me get my skin back and has allowed me to ditch my makeup routine! 

Have you tried a BBL laser yet? 

Sciton BBL Treatment

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