The Best Cold Brew Coffee Hacks

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Admittedly, since I’m such a morning person, I do go to sleep slightly excited that I get to wake up in the morning to a cup of coffee. As we sail into summer and the nights start to heat up, you will rarely find me drinking a cup of warm coffee in the morning so I’ve started to switch to waking up with cold brew. I’ve attempted making cold brew at home but to no avail, it never quite comes out like my favorite variety that I just discovered at Walmart: Chameleon Cold-Brew® Black Coffee Concentrate.

Best Iced Coffee Hacks

Cold brew coffee is such an easy time-saving hack. Since Chameleon has done all the hard labor for you (i.e. brewing perfect coffee concentrate) all you have to do is mix a one-to-one ratio of cold brew and your choice of water/ milk/ milk substitutes. There are a couple of other tricks up my sleeve to hack your iced coffee ritual, keep scrolling to find out what I use.

One: Start with a super smooth cold brew by using Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate

Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate has found the perfect ratio for steeping their coffee that’s not too rich or overly bitter but right in that sweet spot of easy to drink and perfectly balanced flavor. They keep their cold brew cool to minimize acidity and each bean gets a water soak for at least ten hours, ensuring minimum flavor attrition. It’s also organic which is always such a great attribute to see! PS use this code to get $1.50 back on your purchase of Chameleon Cold Brew Concentrate! 

Best Iced Coffee Hacks

Two: Keep your coffee perfectly cool by making Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate Iced Coffee Cubes.

My coffee consuming world changed when I was introduced to iced coffee ice cubes. It was the most luxurious way to continuously enjoy coffee without losing any of the essential coffee flavor. Make your own iced coffee ice cubes by utilizing a silicone ice cube mold and pouring Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate to the top of each cube, or pour in half of the Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate, let freeze and then layer in your milk of choice (I like Vanilla Almond Milk). Can’t wait to explore even more ways to use this Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate, like in smoothies, baked goods, and more!

Best Iced Coffee HacksBest Iced Coffee Hacks


Three: Use a double-walled glass tumbler to keep your coffee cool and your hands dry.

I love using double walled tumblers to transport my cold brew around. The double wall ensures my hands don’t get clammy and keeps my cold brew coffee continuously cold with the help of iced coffee ice cubes.

Now that Chameleon Cold Brew Concentrate is in the refrigerated aisle at Walmart, it makes my morning habit easy and affordable. I’m typically heading to Walmart to stock up on my favorite Almond Milk and pantry staples, so when I saw Chameleon was carried at Walmart, I immediately snatched up all three varieties of Cold Brew concentrate available: Vanilla, Mocha, and Black. If you’re a frequent Walmart shopper, Chameleon Cold Brew is offering rebate savings using this link here for your next purchase! If you’re not a Walmart shopper you should look up one close to you to use this offer!

Best Iced Coffee Hacks

I promise it’ll improve your morning, and if you use my Iced Coffee hacks, it might help stretch your morning all the way into the afternoon with perfectly cold coffee!

PS don’t forget to use this code to receive up to $1.50 off your next purchase of Chameleon Cold Brew Concentrate! 

Best Iced Coffee Hacks

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